Do you feel like life is throwing you lots of curve balls?

It seems that as we get older the problems increase. Issues with our health and those of our parents. Age related challenges with our children due to their emotional needs, growth and social relationships. Financial pressures, divorce, separation and relationship challenges. It’s easy to fall into a victim mindset and say ‘why me’ or ‘can I just have a run of some good stuff please?’

I have certainly fallen into this a few times and definitely experienced that towards the back end of last year. I went through a divorce, sold my beautiful family home and moved into a smaller home with my children. They found the transition difficult and this showed up in their behaviour and needs. It was winter and I also felt isolated in seeking or gaining support (my own doing.) 

As we all settled into our new life and the daffodils started pushing up, along with taking supplements, doing regular exercise and working even more on my own growth, I started to take on a different view. I was still experiencing challenges like we all do, but I was able to look at them as an invitation.

One challenge in particular was to do with a relationship within my family. It was causing a lack of sleep, and weighed on my mind a lot. I felt disempowered and was pushing away the problem as I didn’t know how to approach it. Yes, me the coach who has been deep into personal development for years! We can all still trip up sometimes, especially when it is to do with those closest to us.

Anyway…a few weeks ago I was contacted by a friend and colleague to review a new book they had written. The topic? Was gritty and uncomfortable. It was focusing on the very challenge I was facing. My initial reaction was to say no. I was too triggered and didn’t want to unearth all the difficult emotions associated.

But then I stopped for a cup of tea and took a breath.

Maybe this was the universe’s way of nudging me to lean into it. To explore with curiosity and compassion and maybe get a different view. So I said yes and delved right in. 

And it was enlightening! A little shift of awareness occurred. A new perspective to view the situation from. 

A few weeks later I was invited to lunch with someone that I wouldn’t normally have time with alone (without kids around.) That conversation opened up thoughts and feelings that never would have happened previously.

It was an eye opener. And some more light flooded the situation. 

These are just two examples of a load of little nudges gently guiding me to awareness. They have moved me from that heavy stuckness to empowered and positive action. 

I’m now in a completely different place with it. I see it as an opportunity for growth and working towards the best version of me I can be. 

It wasn’t a huge pin drop light bulb moment. But rather an alignment in situations, environment and connection with others. 

Why am I banging on about this? 

I truly believe that life is designed to support us, to show us where we need to place our focus, where we are required to take a closer look and what decisions we can make that will enable us to live an aligned, honest and fulfilled life where we are a magnet for all that we desire. 

Those challenges we face are inevitable, they are part of life’s polarity. We can’t have dark without light, good without bad. The good times are wonderful, let’s embrace them knowing that there will be tough times too.

And that when we do face challenges, if we are open to receive, life will nudge us and guide us, giving us opportunities to face the unfaceable things and figure it all out. This will equip us in how we deal with the curve balls, always learning and open to the signs that support us on how we work our way to the best possible outcome. 

I felt called to share this with you. If it helps in any way or if you can relate, hit reply and let me know. 

And if you feel in need of some nudges, I’ve shared some resources that may help.

My visibility exercise 

If you are feeling held back from showing up due to life challenges this may help. Just hit reply and I’ll send you the link. No opt in required.

How to have honest conversations

Listen to this episode of my radio show with co host lisa moore on how to speak up on the tricky things.

Why change is good –  more pointers when you are feeling faced with challenge and what to do

Why has nobody told me this before by Dr Julie Smith

A great book giving tools, tips and awareness of how to manage our feelings and emotions for better mental health.

Much love


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