I’m going to be (virtually) training a group of corporate leaders as part of an ILM programme in a few weeks time and am super excited. 

I’m helping them tell their story, the journey of their development and how it has led them to where they are now.

It’s going to be real and vulnerable. That way, their audience (the course examiners) will connect with it so much more than a standard powerpoint presentation.

And It got me thinking about you.

Maybe it’s time you shared your story. 

Maybe it’s finally time to share something that can inspire others, motivate them or educate them.

Maybe by sharing your story, you can help not just one other person, but hundreds or thousands of other people.

Maybe this is what will finally get you seen.

Why is it important?

If you run your own business, lead people in some way, run a community, are present on social media or have a blog, then people need to hear your story. 

Not only to understand more about you and why you do what you do, but it’s also the best way for them to connect with you as a person.

Humans buy humans. And yes, ‘right now’ they are looking to connect even more. 

What better way than to connect and build relationships than by sharing the thing that means the most to you?

Questions? It’s ok I have you covered!

Story sharing FAQs

  • Where do I start? There is so much to tell!


Your core story isn’t your life story. It is an edited version containing ONLY the key parts of your journey that are relevant to where you are now, how you can help and inspire people. So get some paper, get it out of your head and then get ruthless! Remove any stories on your journey that don’t need to be told. 

  • Who am I speaking to and why would they want to hear it?


The people who resonate with your story the most are going to be people who can relate. If you aren’t clear on who you are speaking to I recommend doing an ideal client audience exercise.


  • What if it isn’t ‘big’ or dramatic enough?


It really doesn’t need to be. What makes a story so impactful is the CONNECTION that it creates. And the biggest way to connect? Speak from the heart and speak the truth. 

  • Do people really want to hear me bang on about myself?


It’s not about you. It’s about the message, the lessons, the wisdom you have to share as a result of your story. So move yourself out of the way and start reaching people who need you!

  • What’s the point of doing it?


Not only will you feel a huge sense of achievement from being brave, getting out there and getting visible, you will also feel all the fuzzies from helping, inspiring and supporting others by sharing it. Not only that but you can also use it to grow your audience, raise your expert status and turn followers to leads to clients. 

  • Will it help me sign more clients?


Yes! The call to action at the end of your story could be to book a call with you, or to sign up to your email list, follow you on social media or take part in a value giving challenge or similar. 

So what is stopping you? Hit reply and let me know, let’s hash it out together.

Want to explore this further?

Here is how I can help

Check out my live this week in my community Sought After Speakers.

I’ll be telling you all about the benefits of sharing your story and giving you some pointers on how to get started.

  1. My blog has loads of tips and advice on how to share your story. Just type in storytelling into the search bar and a whole load of free articles will come up for you to peruse at your leisure!  
  2. Practise sharing by getting involved in Sought After Speakers. This Friday is open mic, you get to go live or post a video sharing your 3 minute story. I watch each video and give my support and feedback! It’s a great place to safely show up and share. 
  3. My core story mini intensive might be useful if you are looking for in depth one to one support to get your story nailed. I spend two hours (virtually) mapping it all out with you. You walk away with your core story, an action plan for how and where to share it, and two weeks follow up support to help you get it out there. I’m currently offering this for just £347 during lockdown. Hit reply if you’d like to chat about it.
  4. Virtual speaking Pro can help you to leverage your story to reach more people, raise your expert status and win more business as a result. My 8 part training series helps you to map out your core story and ‘hot right now’ message, gives you 6 profitable ways you can share it through virtual delivery AND walks you through how to land the gigs, from podcast interviews to virtual keynote talks. You can grab Virtual Speaking Pro for just £197 here

OR if you’d like both of these, I’m offering them at a special bundle price of £497 until 1st June.

Just hit comment to book your place. I have a limited number of spots for the intensive this month due to lots of virtual training and speaking gigs! (no that isn’t a subtle brag, it’s the truth!)

If not? No worries, you can take full advantage of my free support!

Much love

Helen x

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