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L&D professionals - have you hit a ‘dead end?’

Has the move to online delivery left you feeling unconfident at delivering your face to face training in zoom rooms?

Are you unsure if you are cut out for online training and facilitation?

Worried that you won’t do it well enough because you are a technophobe?

Or perhaps you're just not sure how your current offerings translate in this new normal.

Don’t worry! Help is at hand!

I’m here to show you that the skills you already have plus a bit of know how is ALL you need to smash it as a Virtual Training Pro. 

There is more opportunity than EVER before to create high level, virtual training experiences

Online learning has been available for years, but organisations are now grasping the benefits of delivering solutions to people all over the globe in easy easy, cost effective and convenient ways.

And it doesn’t have to have an impact on learning AT ALL.

The rise in easy to use, simple technology means that as a learning professional, you can pack just as much punch in creative and innovative ways, from the comfort of your own home.

You can design and deliver impactful solutions that embed learning, provide a safe space to go deep and share, and get the measurable results you strive for.

You can provide segmented, blended solutions that meet your delegate’s individual needs.

You can have fun in the process and enjoy the experience of a virtual learning zone, taking your delegates to where they need to be and then some.

Helen worked with us this year on our first virtual Leadership Programme. As usual, her session on Story Telling prepared the group well for their final presentations and the results spoke for themselves.

Each person showed how practical the content of the relatively short 2.5-hour session was, with their individual presentations enriched with Helens’ tools.

What I love about working with Helen is her ability to quickly understand the context of the job, tailor the to the people in the room, and provide high energy in her delivery.

Ross Trigwell - Lead Training & Founder of The Learning & Development Company

Its great to meet you. I'm Helen! 

I help coaches, consultants and learning professionals 10x the impact of their training on and offline.  

I spent 15 years in the corporate world training leaders and managers on how to perform at their best. Pretty much every day involved standing up in front of a room full of people, helping them learn and take action back to the workplace. 

In 2014 I left the corporate world and set up my own business. I had small children so face to face training wasn’t an option.

So I built my business 100% online. I wrote and delivered virtual workshops, webinars, programmes and boot camps. I run online courses that you wouldn’t think would work online, like public speaking training! 


Helen has been delivering training and coaching solutions for us at Opel Vauxhall Finance and is an absolute expert at online delivery as well as still being great in a physical setting. She has helped us design and deliver really effective online and blended learning programs and understand how to get people to open up and get the most from the sessions.

She has a style that means when you are online with her it still feels safe and the energy she manages to convey is exceptional. She has a real art in making sure that people have really clear, actionable goals following any training intervention and is a pleasure to work with.

Sian Prigg, Head Of Leadership Development - Opel Vauxhall Finance

Grab it now for £357

Get access to Virtual Training Pro today!!

I know what works virtually and what doesn’t and how to deliver programmes so that you get high engagement, maintain energy and transfer learning. 

So I came up with something that will help you to do the same and translate your epic face to face/ in-person trainings into incredible virtual learning experiences.


My instant access course designed to give you everything you need to become confident in the virtual training space.

I help you to:

  • Plan your online training: Map it all out and plan the format of your online/virtual training so that it is set up for success from the beginning.
  • Create your online exercises: I share the exact exercises to use for maximum engagement and learning so that you take your virtual training from surface level to deep dive. Plus >> You get access to the best free and paid personality tests and surveys so that you add more depth to your delegate’s online experience.
  • Keep energy and engagement high: I share my tips and tricks on how to keep the virtual room alive and engaged and share my tried and tested online energisers and icebreakers so that you break down trust barriers and shake things up.
  • Move offline training online: I take you through the steps needed to translate your face to face training to effective online delivery, so that you can use what you have already to create awesome virtual experiences.
  • Bust your fears with tech: I provide guides and tutorial links to all the major platforms, ensuring you are calm, cool and tech savvy.


You also get access to TWO extra masterclasses!

  • Define your hot right now topic training: If you are stuck on what to focus your training on that your clients need right now, then fear not. I help you get super clear on what you have that people need, so you can have the right conversations to secure the virtual training gigs.
  • Selling to Corporates: Get access to a Webinar from my mentor Jessica lorimer on how to sell to corporates so that you land the training gigs you really want. 


If you sign up now you get access to an extra training session

Online facilitation with Andy Storch

Andy walks you through the key considerations to ace it as an online facilitator - one of the most coveted training delivery skills.

Andy breaks down the difference between online and offline facilitation and what is needed to ace it online.

"Helen is an amazing coach and mentor who brings together her corporate training, coaching and speaking experience with a generous dose of empathy, understanding and intuition.

Helen has the ability to inspire, motivate and educate her clients while also offering total commitment, dedication and support to their dreams and goals. I've been in some of the same online courses and groups with Helen and always find she is 100% passionate about not only her success, but the success of everyone around her.

Helen's core message around storytelling and speaking your truth is incredibly relevant in the world today and I'm proud to have been both her student and her peer at a time of great global change and transformation."

Lorraine Pannetier

If you are looking for your next step, evolving your delivery to online is a smart move.

It’s the only feasible option for thousands of organisations who want to provide support to their people, but need to do it in safe and effective ways.