What is my return on investment?

If you are willing to show up with tenacity, then there is no reason you can’t make back your investment in a short space of time. I will give you the ingredients to enable a success mind-set, the right systems and processes, and a sense of well being too! You then make it happen. I have invested $$$$ in myself personally and professionally over the years, that combined experience is certainly worth your investment. I come from a position of professional and personal experience. I have coached many leaders in the exact areas I focus on in this programme. I have also been through some personal challenges that have enabled me to do this ‘inner work’ and come out the other side, building a successful business. I do all this whilst maintaining balance and energy in my own life too.

How do I know if we are the right fit?

Working with a coach is a very personal experience and we both have to feel that it is the right fit. It’s like buying a house, it has to FEEL right. Our clarity call is designed to ensure we both feel good about the partnership, and that great things will happen.

What if I’m not ready to invest in myself/my business?

I work with women who are so ready, that they are willing to do what it takes to achieve their dreams, but NOT at the cost to their family or impacting their health. These tenacious ladies are determined to unleash their passions, they just don’t know how or what to do to make it happen. They may have doubts and some tricky beliefs that can hold them back, but underneath all that they are willing to invest because they know that it will flow back to them and then some! If you do not feel ready to invest in yourself and your business then I am happy to help you work through that to see what blocks you might be experiencing and how you can identify ways to find the money to invest. If you are dead set that you don’t have the money, then this programme isn’t for you.

Do you give refunds?

I don’t make guarantees, or give refunds. The ladies that work with me are stepping into their power and owning their own destiny. That means that they KNOW what they put in they will get back out again. I am there to cheer lead, support, coach, and mentor, provide accountability, but I am not there to do it for you or hold your hand and rescue you. I provide the springboard from which you jump. You decide how high. You own your success.

I don’t have the time, how can I do this?

If you are still in a corporate role and /or have a young family, I hear you! On the surface it may seem difficult to be able to find the time or have the energy to launch a business ‘on the side’. My advice here is let your passion do the talking; let your deepest desires whisper in your ear. If you want something bad enough, time will be made available to you, energy will flow in abundance. Thoughts become things, and so if you believe it to be true, it will happen! I also specialize in tapping time and energy sources and ensuring you balance work with family, this is a fundamental part of the programme.

I don’t have the ability/ don’t know what I would do, how can you help me?

That’s what I’m here for! We go deep, looking inward at your foundations. We then build up a business based on solid foundations of identity, core values and beliefs. This will mean you are super clear about what you can achieve, as we will tot up all your wonderful experience and take a good look at it all. We will then look at the market, your ideal client and your niche, and craft a product and service that is based on your unique and personal brand. I am here to guide, prompt, pose, support and challenge.

Shouldn’t I be spending this money on other things?

Imagine if you were to launch a successful business that made you the money you need to look after yourself and your family comfortably. It is possible if you are willing and motivated to succeed. Investing in yourself and your business will ripple out to all areas of your life. It is all connected.

Surely I can do this myself or with courses?

I did this with my first business and I wasn’t able to take it to the level I wanted or needed. I was operating on a basic level, with my mind-set and beliefs (that were seriously holding me back) and the way I was operating my business. I always went for the freebie or cheaper option and ended up overwhelmed with all the things I needed to do, not knowing how to pull it all together. My coach has a saying that doing it yourself (DIY) actually means delaying it years. Do you want success to be years away or do you want it soon? Do you want the overwhelm to be taken away and a bright shining light to be held on you, guiding you through with everything you need at your fingertips. If you want it soon then invest in a coach. It was the BEST thing I ever did.

I’m not sure how to leave my current job, I’m scared. Help!

I hear you! It is a scary prospect, but if you have passion and tenacity you won’t let that stop you. We can work it so you build your business and launch before handing in your notice. It was exactly what I did with my first business and I have never looked back. I did it, so you can do it!

I’m scared of failure, what if it all goes wrong?

This is a biggy and fear of failure can hold us all back. But being a slave to your fears means that you will forever be stuck just as you are with no opportunity for growth and expansion. A fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. What if instead you believe you might fall, that you believe you can fly?!! I am here to help you through this. When we are done you won’t be scared, you will be excited and have the courage to be vulnerable. It is how we learn and grow.

What makes you different from the other coaches out there?

I believe that every coach is unique like a snowflake, bringing years of their own personal and professional experience to the table, as well as their own unique approach and personality. Competition doesn’t exist because the coaching experience is so very personal.  I bring to the table just what my ideal client needs. I have been through personal transformation and life challenges, I have many years of professional coaching experience, and I have built two successful online businesses. I believe it is essential that we get to know each other to see if we are a good fit, so that we can discover what I can do for you that another coach might not be able to.


If you have any questions let’s hop on the phone and I will be happy to answer them on a clarity call. Or if you would prefer, you can send me an email using the contact tab on the website.

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