These last few weeks I’ve been experiencing some uncomfortable situations. A few things happened in life, relationships and business that was difficult and challenging.

They exposed feelings that I had been burying subconsciously, and it was impossible to do anything but face them (and myself.) As a result, things have rapidly started to change.

I have received valid and useful feedback from all angles. People and opportunities have presented themselves and just ‘dropped in’. I have been able to make important decisions, take action and move forward in leaps and bounds.

Some say this rumbling period is called ‘up levelling’ where we are being called to move to the next level of our evolution. Before an uplevel takes place we may experience feelings of discomfort, illness, conflict and challenge. 

Looking back I can see the sequence of events that led to this, and why it was needed. 

I’m now crystal clear on my next steps and I am seeing some amazing results.

I really do believe that thoughts become things. When we are stuck in a negative spiral or have belief or situational blockers holding us back, we can’t see the wood for the trees or a positive outcome. Our mindset narrows, we go into survival mode and we shrink back. But facing the issues head-on is always the best thing to do. 

Here are a few tips on reflection of this most recent uplevel, in case you might be experiencing the same.

1. If you are triggered, it’s a sign

I have been triggered left right and centre in the last few weeks. I was tetchy and sensitive, reacting to things way more than I normally would. It wasn’t until I remembered that being triggered is a sign to go inwards and find out what’s really going on that I was able to fully understand. The trigger is the symptom of a deeper cause.

2. Listen to your gut

Sometimes when you are so busy doing what you think you should be doing, you miss the little voice inside. Tap into that as much as possible. If there is something pulling for your attention listen to it. Your intuition is a powerful force. Trust it and let it guide you. 

3. Don’t go out, go deeper

When going through the rumble it’s easy to reach for distractions. That extra glass of red, the second pudding, endless scrolling through social media. If you are feeling restless, the best thing to do is stop and go inward. Reflect on your feelings and what will help you process them rather than avoid. Look after yourself. Rest, sleep, relax.

4. Seek outside feedback and support

None of us is an island and we really don’t have to do this stuff alone. It just so happened that some people came in exactly when I needed them, and they helped me to see clearly and breakthrough. Friends, family, professional support, people are there for you.

5. Swap shrinking with expansion

Sometimes just before we uplevel, we feel like we want to hide away from the world. If you are feeling like this I invite you to imagine what expansion, action and visibility would feel and look like for you. How would it be different? How would it be better? In doing this I immediately saw a shift in my thinking, my relationships AND my bottom line!

6. Have difficult conversations

Those things that have been building up that you have been avoiding? Little niggles that should have been addressed ages ago but haven’t? It’s time to ‘get the smelly fish on the table’ as my old coach used to say. Speaking honestly and openly about tricky things is the best way to remove emotional blockers that might be getting in your way. It’s very freeing too!

7. Switch things up 

If you are able to move through the rumble, it is inevitable that positive change will come. Change is good, it is part of the journey and can help us move onto bigger and better things. As a result of my recent uplevel, I’ve made changes in all areas of my life. 

Including some changes to my business and how I provide the best possible support to my clients. 

So I’m announcing some changes to my intensive experience.

If you work with me one to one, we do it over two hours (my mini intensive) or 6 hours (for the full intensive). Currently, I’m still offering this face to face (while we can) but I am also offering it in shorter blocks over zoom. 

Before we meet I gather as much information as possible about your business, your challenges and goals, and what specifically we want to work on together. 

Generally speaking this centres around verbal communication. Your story, your messaging, your online visibility, your lead generation activities that involve speaking and/or training. How to land gigs and leverage opportunities. 

Then we meet and take a deep dive in. I help you gain clarity and come up with a clear plan of action. 

What’s new?

Following the intensive, rather than one month follow up support, I am now offering 3 x 30 minute follow up calls that can be taken up to 3 months afterwards I am also on hand to review, edit and give advice on queries you may have in that time via WhatsApp

You also get access to at least one of my other courses, included in the intensive. It might be my TEDx course, my virtual speaking course or my virtual training course. If I think you need more I’ll give you those too.

This feels a much more supportive way to help you implement what you have learnt on the intensive and gives you accountability and support to put it all into action and see the results!

If you are interested in working with me 1 to 1 I have two places left till the end of 2020.

Just get in touch and we can chat.

But if not? Just know that the rumbles are good, they are needed and they are calling you to be the next, better version of you. 

Much love


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