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With speaking gigs, training, events and other work cancelled are you hitting a dead end in your revenue generation right now?

Your usual messaging and offerings aren't aligned with where the world is at the moment.

You might not know how to ‘sell’ to your audience without coming across as heartless or inappropriate

You have no idea how to stand out amidst the chaos and noise of social media

Your big dreams are on hold and you feel like skulking in the shadows until this is all over.

But wait!!!

There is a huge opportunity for you to REACH more people, step up your AUTHORITY status, make an IMPACT and generate income by leveraging the skills you already have.

With a large proportion of events and opportunities moving online (including TED) for the foreseeable future there are increasing opportunities for you to get your story and message out there and help other people.

SIX business generating opportunities that you can implement right now from your front room wearing a posh top and tracksuit bottoms!

More podcast hosts are looking for subject matters experts that can give helpful advice and support on ‘hot right now’ topics.

An increased number of users on social media means more opportunity for you to leverage livestreaming to connect with your audience.

Now is a great time to harness your delivery skills and focus on launching your new services and offers with a webinar.

Demonstrate your expertise by leveraging other people’s audiences with guest expert sessions.

More online events means more demand. That means the opportunity for virtual speaking is growing.

You can meet the in demand needs of your B2B or B2C clients through virtual training sessions

"Helen really helped me to step out of my comfort zone and pitch for some big speaking events. She helped me perfect a personalised pitch and as a result I landed several speaking gigs including one to an audience of 7000 people 😱

I have been limiting myself to small gigs not thinking I was worth it but Helen helped me break through that blocker and believe in myself.

A genuinely awesome speaker coach with a great balance of support and ass kicking!"

Sian Prigg, Start Sooner

Hey I'm Helen! 

And I help entrepreneurs become sought after speakers using the power of storytelling.  

EL Live  Helen Packham

I spent 15 years in the corporate world helping leaders deliver complex messages in compelling and powerful ways.  

I’ve delivered thousands of hours of training and coaching on verbal communication. In the training room, on the stage, and the virtual space.

Along the way I picked up a nifty little tool called storytelling and realised that it could be used in speaking, training, interviews and presentations to achieve some pretty amazing results.

Fast forward a few years and I have been able to help even more people with these skills.

Helen Packham on stage at TEDx Brighton

I delivered a TEDx talk, and now help people land and deliver their own. I run speaker training programmes, live conferences, motivational fire walking events, workshops, online courses and signature and keynote talks all focused on how people like you can increase your impact authority and reach by harnessing your skills in verbal communication.

I also have a passion for audio communication, having been interviewed on many podcasts, became a regular guest on BBC Sussex, and I now co host my own Radio Show and podcast on Radio Reverb in Brighton.

‘Helen has a unique ability to help her clients voice their story, pull out its essence with clarity and carefully craft an impactful strategy that will run throughout their business. Her sharp mind and personal methods blew me away.

She will take you on a journey from confusion to absolute clarity. She does this so powerfully and skilfully that your messaging, marketing strategy and focus will seem to appear effortlessly.

If you have a story in you that you want to leverage in any way (we all do!), Helen is THE coach to work with.’

Isabelle Wies Griffith, Mindfulness and Emotional Wellbeing Coach

Helping entrepreneurs become sought after speakers through the power of storytelling is totally my jam. 

And now is the time to leverage your speaking skills and take advantage of those opportunities available to you in the virtual speaking space.

But with so much competition it’s not enough to just rock up and wing it.

Virtual speaking sessions have the ability to go viral on social platforms like Youtube and Facebook..

That’s why I have created something that will help


My online training series helping you become a profitable virtual speaking wizz and get laser clear on:




What you want to say - your ‘hot right now’ message and stories. Defining the problems that your ideal clients need solving at this very moment that are aligned and congruent with your expertise.

How you want to share it - deciding on your most effective mode of virtual delivery for maximum impact, authority and reach.

Where to share it to reach the most amount of the right people. All from the comfort of your own home.

"I just delivered my one day launch event for Enlightened Entrepreneurs yesterday to celebrate 1 year in biz of hitting 100K which went so well! Had great feedback!  

The confidence to speak here came from my confidence from my previous speaking gig few weeks before that during my first international talk in South of France and the extra boost of confidence to deliver that came from the the support of Helen and pretty much had my first nearly 15K month after that with some of her leveraging strategies we discussed in the Speaker Intensive!  

She rocks!"  

Shamoni Gilani, Inituitive Niche & Message Clarity Maven



Cut the waffle and get to the point with my killer podcast formula.

  • Learn what the podcast hosts really want for a top interview experience
  • Refine your 3 minute story and ‘hot right now’ topics
  • Leave podcast listeners taking action and wanting more
  • Learn the insider tips and tricks for an interview flow as a smooth as chocolate


Follow my tried and tested livestream formula to stop your audience scrolling and start watching.

  • Learn what headlines will grab their attention without being click baity
  • Get the lowdown on the key livestream structures that actually work 
  • Discover what stories go bang on live streams
  • Get clear on your ‘one golden nugget’ and call to action
  • Learn the must know livestream tricks for flow and engagement


Deliver a high converting webinar with my slide by slide formula.

  • Learn what stories make your webinars pop
  • How to give your attendees huge value and actionable takeaways
  • The perfect webinar set up that gives value, educates and sells
  • How to use a webinar as part of a launch
  • Tech checklist - the simple things you need to know


My step by step structure for an interactive value giving guest expert session.

  • When and how to use guest expert sessions to grow your audience and generate leads
  • How stories can engage your attendees and increase know like and trust
  • Define your ‘go left’ thought leader message and what you want to be known for
  • How to deliver enough of the HOW using the WHAT
  • Getting your call to action right for maximum results


Get my talk flow structure for the perfect virtual keynote.

  • Making the jump from real life to virtual - learn the difference
  • How to use interaction to engage
  • The perfect stories for virtual delivery
  • The key components of a killer virtual keynote 
  • Tech know how - what you need to know


Get my virtual training session plan for you to populate.

  • How a virtual training session is different to other modes of delivery
  • How to make it just the right amount of interactive with exercises that engage, educate and inspire
  • The tech stuff, how to make a virtual session run smoothly
  • Length and structure - the different types of virtual training session and how to deliver them
  • Trainer hat - how to become the ‘trainer’ and ensure your delegates get transfer of learning while remaining engaged and feeling special


2 Bonus Training Sessions

Bonus Session 1

Nail Your 'Hot Right Now' Message

Get super clear on WHAT you are going to share to increase your impact and bottom line

Bonus Session 2

'Pitch Fest' Session

Learn how to seek out, pitch for and LAND your virtual speaking opportunities.

All for just £197

Delivered in

6 easy to follow training videos

Bonus ‘nail your hot right now message’ sessions

Bonus ‘pitch fest’ session

Delivered to your inbox over eight weeks

What was your experience of working with Helen 1:1?

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Here’s how Virtual Speaking Pro could help you 

Adapt and increase your current skill set to deliver virtual speaking opportunities

Learn how to deliver with maximum impact on each of the key virtual modes of delivery

Get laser clear on the stories and messages you should be sharing right now without sounding pushy or out of alignment

Get step by step structures and formulas that you can drop your content into

Get the lowdown on the details of virtual speaking with my golden delivery nuggets that educate motivate and inspire your audience

Learn how to find and land virtual opportunities

Get the insider knowledge from a trainer, speaker and coach with over 15 years corporate coaching and training delivery experience and 5 years in the world of entrepreneurship

If you do the work and apply what I teach you, you can...

  • Rengage your existing audience
  • Attract new people into your world by leveraging other audiences
  • Generate fresh new leads and convert those leads to clients
  • Validate your worth by making an impact and helping people with your knowledge
  • Affirm your authority status by getting recognised as an expert
  • Increase your reach with viral worthy opportunities
  • Book sales calls
  • Put new offers out
  • Deliver all the solutions to your clients virtually.