Last week I confessed that I had been ‘highlighting’ quite a bit. If you didn’t catch it, I explained that if you are a personal brand, it is important to show more than just your professional side for your audience to be able to connect with you as a person. 

Remember my big impact ratio? If you don’t you can read about it here

I had lots of messages after my email and posts from fellow entrepreneurs who needed to hear that they weren’t alone in struggling to show up. I also had some feedback about the importance of not creating drama for the sake of it on social media by posting this sort of content and I totally accept that feedback.

My business is all about helping people in three main areas:





Visibility is crucially important as a business owner because after all, if you don’t show up, you don’t make money. Showing up as an online brand on any social platform is a big chunk of that visibility. Many things can affect our visibility. Life events, emotions, hormones, demotivation, lack of confidence and limiting beliefs are just a few. 

I have concluded that, in the main, sharing the symptoms for hiding online isn’t the main area of focus if you are struggling with this right now.

(SIDE NOTE: I will caveat this by saying that if the reason you were hiding has a lesson or message that can help others by all means share it. For example, I shared the results of my smear test and colposcopy last year after it had happened and urged the women in my audience to get their smear test booked. I have had countless messages since then saying that it was the kick up the bottom they needed.)

There is something that needs to come before this however, and that is your understanding of the real reasons you are hiding.

Tackling the root cause is going to be the best way to take off your visibility cloak and get back out there. Showing up, sharing stories, changing lives and making money!

So let’s use my recent situation as an example. I wanted to hide because I was feeling overwhelmed. Yes I had a lot going on at once and that was having an impact on my emotions. Feeling emotional made me not want to show up because I couldn’t be my best self.

So after a few conversations I decided to tackle the root cause and it instantly lifted the veil and enabled me to do show up and do that post. 

Here is what helped me…


I spoke to a few friends and colleagues about my situation and in some conversations, the reason for my visibility (and reason for saying no to things) was challenged. This gave me a kick up the butt and made me realise I had a choice about how I felt and if I was able, I could do anything I wanted. 

Support and Accountability

I had been dilly dallying about what support I needed this year and knew that delaying this decision was holding me back from what I would need to set my goals and follow through on them. That includes showing up! So I’ve signed up to a mastermind, have hired a personal coach, a funnel strategist and more. Putting my big girl pants on and saying yes to investing in myself was another great boot up the back side!


Goal setting is a continuous exercise. I had mapped out my year in December but I hadn’t got lasered in on the short term goals needed to deliver on the big picture. Having weekly, monthly and quarterly goals helps keep you moving. If you are moving and taking action you are showing up!

So before you show up and share the honest and authentic version of you, find out what the cause of your hiding is down to.

And when you know, hit reply and tell me. I’m providing some support and accountability, and genuinely want to help in whatever way I can if you are struggling to get visible.

Much love

Helen x

If you’d like some more support with your visibility I am running a LIVE Q&A in my group sought after speakers on Friday at 10.45am. Come and hop on and I will help you stop hiding and start showing up!

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