How many times do I have to tell you (and myself) the same thing?

It’s an ongoing plight of an entrepreneur to keep looking left and right and becoming wobbly and dissatisfied with what they are doing.

  • Self doubt
  • Comparison
  • Next level envy
  • Launch envy 
  • Visibility envy 

You know all the envy?! 

We think we should be doing more, doing better, earning more, reaching that golden income goal. 

When really the simple answer is to take stock and see how far you’ve already come.

Every single other entrepreneur out there, no matter how ‘successful’ will tell you they have been here (if they are being honest of course.) 

We all have our derailers. Even if you are devoted to working on yourself day to day, it can still impact you. 

I gave myself a good talking to (in a positive self loving way) recently. I was starting to compare my business to others and had to just STOP.

My map of the world is unique to me. I’ll find some things a doddle that others won’t and I’ll be struggling with things that others find a doddle. 

Here are a few things that helped to get me out of the comparison groove and back in my lane. 

  1. Get real

List out your facts. What is going on in your life right now? When I took stock I realised I was being a tad hard on myself. 

I’m a Single parent. I look after my kids on my own 80% of the time. I take time off when they are poorly, I do all the pickups and drop offs activities, clubs and bedtimes. I am with my son for every anxious night waking. I can’t work in the evenings because they take a long time to settle and need my love and attention. 

I’m realistically only able to work about 18 hours a week. 

Being a mum, running a business and raising two young children takes huge amounts of energy. 

I’ve gone through a marriage break up, health scare and lost my Dad in the space of a year. 

These are just my things. 

I know you will have many too and it’s important to get real about where you are at. 

And it’s easy to look at all the things I haven’t done over the past few months!

So this is where part 2 comes in……


  1. The wins 

Take some time to reflect on everything you’ve achieved in the last six months. 

Turn off your notifications! Go on airplane mode. Give yourself a social media embargo for this exercise

Sit down and reflect on ALL your achievements in these key areas

1. Business 

2. Health and Wellbeing 

3. Fun 

Over the last 6 months, what have you done, what action have you taken, what results have you seen? 

My wins 


I put on a 70 person conference that not only broke even, made 4K profit and brought in wonderful new people into my world, onto my list and as clients. 

Corporate leadership training on communication, influence and storytelling and coaching and confirmed work in Sep/Oct and beyond. 

The build of an easily accessible course for people who want to land and deliver a TEDx talk and my first proper automated funnel.

A rebrand – check out my new logo – thanks Liz Wilkins!

The launch of my new speaker intensive in May (have worked with 6 new clients so far.)

2 x Speaking gigs 

Closing off a successful six month mastermind

Consistent content on all platforms weekly (see my previous email on how I’m doing that) 

Finding an awesome childcare solution to help out when I’m training away 

Health and Wellbeing 

Spin at least once a week whilst navigating the summer holidays 

Went on a two day yoga retreat that was simply amazing 

Getting some good nutrition in with the help of Huel

A self care ritual that involves journaling and meditation most days

More time on air plane mode in the evenings

Prioritising sleep instead of Netflix 

Connecting with family and friends 

Making memories with my kids in the summer hols 

Shazamming Phil Taggart’s the chillest show every Sunday for my chill playlist. 


Dates with a lovely guy or two (!) 

Dancing to music in my kitchen every day

Shazamming radio one’s future anthems every Saturday for my dance play list 

New York 


Pevensey with friends and kids 

The pier

The beach

The zoo

The downs 

The park 

Meals out 



Bubbles and gin! 

Booking in a wing walk for pancreatic cancer (11th October) and hitting 80% of my target in just 5 days. 

What did you have on your lists? Hit comment and share! 

Now it’s time for part 3.

  1. Forward thinking 

Think forward over the next six months. What is your main intention for this time? What requires your laser focus (keep it super simple) in order to achieve the outcomes you want? 

Here’s what I’m focusing on…. 

At least 1 day’s corporate training/coaching a month aligned with my business message (communication and storytelling) 

Radio and podcast training in preparation for my continued radio work and the launch of my podcast 

The launch of my land and deliver TEDx course 

New clients for my speaker intensive 

New speaker services (watch this space)

New website 

Shiny new and very useful lead magnets including my TEDx worthy check list 

Speaking gigs 

Collaborating with high profile awesome people (watch this space) 

What have you got?

Get it out on paper and feel the spark of energy that comes with it. 

So those days when you are finding it hard to drag your bottom out of bed and are self sabotaging by scrolling through Facebook, do this instead and see what amazing things you have achieved and the incredible things that are yet to come! 

And if you have any questions about what I have coming up just hit comment and let’s chat! Connecting with amazing people like you is super important to me. 

Much love

Helen x

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