I’m buzzing like a bee right now!

Today, a group of fantastic entrepreneurs gathered at mine for a mastermind day.

I absolutely love the energy that gets created when a group of talented people come together. There are so many benefits to this development format it’s unreal, but the top hitters I observed today were…

1. You get all eyes on you….

…and although that might seem daunting, it actually feels very special to have everyone’s undivided attention focused on you and your business for a decent chunk of time. Each person had 30 minutes in the hot seat today, and because it was laser-focused, everyone walked away with super clear actions knowing exactly what they need to do to make 2019 blow up!

2. You get a load of other golden nuggets

It’s not just your turn in the hot seat that gives you the sought after insight and wisdom to make shizzle happen. Today I saw notes being scribbled by the WHOLE group when EACH person took their turn. Rather than sitting and passively listening, each mastermind member was actively advising AND taking nuggets away for themselves. Value x 1000000000!

3. You only get the good stuff

The nature of a mastermind means that there ain’t no time for dilly-dallying and waffle! I run a tight ship which means very clear rules and laser-focused advice and action. Each person around the table thrived on the time limit and guidelines and gave clear and concise advice. This was due to the special technique I used when running corporate masterminds. It really works!

4. You get connected

Collaborations, community and resource sharing and actions for further conversations all came out of today. There is nothing quite like the power of face to face connection to create instant trust, and the potential for so much more. In person meetups for the win every time!

It’s made me even more excited to be kicking off my first 6-month mastermind experience in January. I have 4 of the 6 places already filled with a group of the most FABULOUS entrepreneurs and I can’t bloody wait.

Do you value the power of group development? Hit comment and let me know what you think.

Much love
Helen x

PS. Do you want to get in on the All Stars Mastermind? I only have TWO places left, so if you really want to Stand Out in 2019 and have a group of entrepreneurs encouraging, motivating, educating and developing you (including myself) then let’s chat. To find out more about the mastermind, check out the deets here https://helenpackham.com/the-all-stars-mastermind/


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