Recently in my Facebook group The Courageous Leaders Club I had a bit of a vulnerable moment. I shared with the group how I had compromised my boundaries and the lines had gotten blurry with my life and business.

Have you ever felt like this?

I felt like my life ‘scaffolding’ was getting seriously wobbly and about to fall down. Fortunately, I was able to recognise what was happening and I put some strategies in place to move me back to laser focus!

The thing is, none of us is superhuman, no matter how successful or together we look on the outside, everyone has things going on that can disrupt the scaffolding.

Check out Part 1 of my live training here where I share the signs you can look for to catch your scaffolding wobbling before it all falls down:

Then yesterday I shared some strategies that you can use too if you are feeling like this.These strategies have helped me and my clients to achieve that balance in our lives with everything pulling us in different directions.

Check out part 2 here:

I would love to hear your story about where this crazy journey is taking you. Are you using any strategies that I haven’t mentioned?

Much love

Helen x

PS. Do you need some extra scaffolding right now?

Having a coach and mentor to guide you through the tough moments can really help you get laser-focused on the things you REALLY need to focus on to achieve your goals. If you want some iron strength focus and strategic guidance to really smash 2019 then hit comment and tell me, what is your biggest area of need right now?

I have just TWO places left on my exclusive All Stars Mastermind.

We all have wobbles, but they don’t have to impact your business. And with the right people around you, you can not only strengthen that scaffolding but scale it!

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