Thank you to everyone who took some time to fill in my survey exploring speaker goals for 2023. The results and feedback have provided some valuable insight into what small business owners and corporate leaders alike are looking for in order to make their speaking dreams happen next year. 

I put all the names in the hat and picked out a winner. I will be contacting you personally via email over the next few days to arrange our 45 minute coaching session!

Here are some highlights from the results:

The top 4 sought after speaking gigs in 2023

  • Corporate paid gigs

Always a good thing to focus on as corporates pay well for speakers and it can be an opener to other services and continued work.

  • TEDx gigs

TEDx gigs aren’t paid, but with 36 million subscribers on the YouTube channel alone, A TEDx talk provides a huge opportuntiy to increase your credibility, authority and reach exponentially.

  • Virtual speaking gigs

The virtual trend will continue into 2023 with event organisers and corporate decision makers providing a combination of virtual and in person events to cater to all needs. Plus you can wear PJ bottoms whilst delivering a keynote!

  • Free gigs that generate leads

Not to be overlooked. Leveraging other’s audiences to build your own and generate leads can come via guest expert sessions and other free speaking opportunities. Plus it’s great practice if you want to add to your speaking experience. 

Current level of speaking experience

Most people who answered the survey have a few gigs under their belt but are looking to diversify, upskill and increase opportunities. Some are seasoned speakers with about the same amount of people at the beginning of their speaker journey but passionate about their ideas.

The biggest blockers to achieving speaker goals currently

  • Confidence

Having worked with hundreds of clients in the area of speaking, the word confidence crops up more times than most. I am a firm believer that the confidence to speak is something that can be unlocked if the passion is there. Confidence can be a natural by product once you have other things in place and it is totally possible to unlock by focusing on the right things. 

  • Strategy

Looking at speaking as a part of your overall strategy and career goals is super important in order to get laser focused on the outcomes you want to achieve. But having a strategy for forming your ideas, focusing on where you want to speak and what you want the outcomes to be will drive the action to make them happen. 

  • Time

It is often the case that people will push ‘public speaking’ to the bottom pf their goal list because it can be seen as a ‘nice to have’  and working ‘in the business’ takes over. Speaking is however not only a versatile skill but a powerful way to increase other opportunties and results. Putting it at the top of your goal list can actually mean you cover off a load of other things.

How I can help

This research is all contributing to the work I’m doing behind the scenes to provide support in achieving these goals in 2023. I’ll be sharing more about what’s coming soon however if you need help in the mean time:

Take the AIR assessment

I have a free assessment to help you dive further into exactly where you are on your speaking journey and how you can make it an aligned part of your strategy next year. It contains an easy to complete assessment, visual radar map, and step by step action plan.

You can grab it here:

My blog

I have hundreds of articles focused on all areas of speaking, skills and strategy in my free blog. You can search for key words such as speaking, public speaking, TEDx, authority, impact and reach.

Any questions? Just ask. I’m here to help.

Much love


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