My live 3 days masterclass series is kicking off in just a few days time!

I’ll be sharing how coaches, consultants and business onwers can increase their Authority, Impact and Reach and become a sought after speaker in their industry.

Here’s the breakdown of what I’ll be sharing with you:

DAY ONE | AUTHORITY | 27th June 12-1pm

You will learn the key ingredients required to build true credibility as a thought leader in your niche without having to fake it or exaggerate. 

DAY TWO | IMPACT | 28th June 12-1pm

You will discover how to uplevel your communication skills by learning what sets a presenter apart from a highly sought after keynote speaker using tools and tricks such as storytelling and structure.

DAY THREE | REACH | 29th June 12-1pm

You will learn the simple (and non sleazy) steps required to land your dream speaking gigs including TEDx!

I’ve poured everything i know into simple, actionable steps that you can take to become a sought after speaker in your niche and make it a serious income stream for your business.

There’s a pop up community of awesome people all wanting the same thing as you. There’s also prizes to be won!

Find a full breakdown of what’s covered and grab your place here!

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