The advances in AI are accelerating at an exponential rate. You can now have relationships, develop imagery and use AI systems to create a myriad of content, processes and systems for things that weren’t possible just a short time ago.

But what does this mean when it comes to how we communicate with each other? 

I spoke with technology enthusiast and author John Spencer Williams on the intersection between artificial intelligence (AI) and human creativity.  

Listen to the conversation here

Some insights from our discussion:

The AI Revolution in Content Creation

We touched on the use of AI for streamlining content creation by using prompts in AI tools like ChatGPT and how they have dramatically expedited our workflows.

From Brainstorms to Affirming Originality

John brought a fascinating perspective on utilising AI as a brainstorming ally. From using it to fine-tune subtitles for his book and to creatively rewrite proposals.

Storytelling: A Legacy Beyond Technology

John and I discuss the timeless nature of storytelling, tracing its roots back to when it was the linchpin for managing ancestral communities, and passing on information in a preliterate world. 

Human Touch in a Mechanised World

As AI forges ahead, transforming the landscape of traditional employment and personal interactions, John foresees that as AI takes over more boring tasks, real human encounters could increase in value, becoming the gold standard of authenticity.

Listen to the episode here and share your thoughts on this crucial future facing topic. 

How do you feel about the use of AI and how it will affect human communication in the future?

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