In my time as an Executive coach for large corporates, I worked with many many leaders who were letting the golum effect destroy their hopes and dreams.

To explain the phenomenon in action, It goes a little something like this –

‘I’m no good at x. Because I believe this to be true I am going to act in a way that reinforces this. Other people will see me doing acting this way and will form the same belief about me, therefore closing the loop on the belief and confirming to me that it is true.’

And do you know what?

It’s total rubbish!

Absolute balderdash.

I am a first hand example of this.

After having my daughter I returned to work with 0 confidence.

I believed that my previous experience and skills had left the building (along with my identity but that’s another story) and I wasn’t cut out for my role any more.

Because I believed this, it showed in my performance. I made mistakes, I avoided projects and people, I didn’t feel capable of doing the things I had previously done. I froze. And guess what happened? My boss saw this and took on the belief. Gave me a bad review and told me that things needed to change. So, with the golum effect in full swing, I left.

It wasn’t until I had launched my first business, had a breakdown and breakthrough, and got my confidence back that I realised my corporate experience was absolute GOLD and that I could use it to help women build businesses in the online world. The golum effect proved to be completely untrue!

Any of this ring a bell with you?

Here’s what to do.

20170102Post21GET RID OF GOLUM

You can do this by placing the complete opposite belief system in place. It’s called the HALO (or Pygmalion) effect.

Start with the belief that you can do this. Whatever ’this’ is. Start believing it and you will take positive action towards it. Taking positive action will mean you see results.

Other people will see this and take on the belief about you too. Hey presto! Not only do you reinforce the belief about yourself, but you will attract your most ideal clients to you because they feel your confidence, expertise and talent coming off you in waves.

So what effect are you living right now, is it golum or is it halo?


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