I’ve been a long time believer that you don’t have to be a polished pro speaker to make a big impact. Partly due to my own speaker journey, the speakers I’ve seen on TEDx and other big stages and the clients I’ve coached.


Because speaker audiences are sensitive and switched on and engage so much more with ‘real’ than ‘armored up’ and polished.

Having said this….

There are some things that really help to level up your impact. So I’ve put together some pointers for aspiring speakers who have never graced a stage in their life or those a little more seasoned.

What speakers DO need to make an impact

  1. An idea worth spreading/compelling core message
  2. Have lived through an experience or know their topic
  3. A talk structure relevant to the talk and audience
  4. Passion for their story/subject
  5. Realness, honesty, vulnerability
  6. A focus on the audience and how they will benefit
  7. Preparation

What speakers DON’T need to make an impact

  1. An onstage ‘persona’ or trying to deliver in a style that doesn’t fit
  2. A load of speaking gigs under their belt
  3. A speaker reel (in most cases, a video explaining the talk can work very well)
  4. A scripted memorised talk
  5. A pre planned sell or subtle promo
  6. Loads of slides or hand held cue cards

What do you think? I’m going to be providing some group support in these areas this year and would love your help. On the ‘what speakers DO need’ list 1-7, which would be most useful for you to know about?

Hit reply and let me know!

Thanks in advance.

Much love

Helen x

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