It happened about 3am a few weeks ago. 

I sat bolt upright in my bed after having one of those half asleep dreams. Ideas came pouring into my head coupled with an overwhelming sense to take action. I was wide awake and reaching for the nearest notepad to feverishly scribble on.

As a business owner I’m not unfamiliar with these bolts of inspiration. 

Up until last year they were popping in at frequent opportunities. They enabled me to scale my business, take on new projects, launch new programmes and put on conferences and events. 

But since lockdown hit, those sparks of creativity? 

Pretty much dwindled to zilch. 

Thank goodness it’s back!

Now, I can put this down to many things. And if you can relate I’m sure you can too.

When we go into survival mode our evolutionary make up literally puts the blinkers on our creativity. We focus on what’s directly in front of us, not what’s possible. We can only see one step ahead, and just getting through the day without feeling overwhelmed is an achievement. 

And I see it elsewhere too. I’ve been working with some awesome leaders and clients recently and I’ve noticed that they are creative, innovative and very strategic in their thinking, and yet they haven’t been operating in that space. They have been fire fighting, stuck in the detail, not able to feel capable of stepping up and out and into a different way of thinking.  

And that’s what it comes down to.


  • Space to be still
  • Space to rest
  • Space to think
  • Space to wonder
  • Space to be curious
  • Space to just be

With the kids going back to school it feels like a whole world has opened up in my head and it’s made room for the ideas and the creative thinking. It’s made room for the vision. It’s lit a fire under me and I’m bloody excited. 

When I take on board clients, most say to me ‘I’m ready’ ‘the time is right’ because they too have had that fire, spark and urge inside them to take action. 

And I want to encourage you to nurture that flame %FIRSTNAME%.

Have you had a bolt of inspiration to do that thing? Do you have an urge to take action?

If so I say do it. Grab it, harness it, go with it. 

Ride off that wave of creativity. 

Don’t put it off, don’t brush it under the carpet, don’t say, ‘some day.’

The time is now.

Seize it.

It’s yours!

Much love



P.S. f you feel like it’s your time to get super clear on your story, get yourself visible and out there and make a big impact in the world then hit reply. I have something exciting coming soon and it may help you to put those ideas into action.

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