One of my favourite game shows to watch as a kid was catchphrase. At the end of each round, one by one, a square of a larger image would be revealed and contestants had to try and guess the catchphrase from the sliver of the picture they saw.

This reminds me of how some of the clients and people I speak to view public speaking. 

Oftentimes, people will see it as a stand alone income stream, and the act of standing on a stage and delivering a talk is the main focus. 

If you have ever thought in that way I’d love to invite you to see it differently. 

Public speaking is one part of a bigger puzzle that completely aligns to the strategy of your business. But there are foundations to put in place that will give you clarity on ALL of it. And will inform exactly how you show up, what you offer and what you speak about to make money and change lives. 

It’s about:

  • How you are positioning yourself as an expert for your opinions, ideas and how you serve others
  • How you are delivering your communication in impactful ways to achieve your desired outcomes and results
  • How you are reaching the right people in the right ways, with topics that are completely aligned to the main problems you solve.

Speaking is just one part of that puzzle and all the other parts are crucial too.

If you are open to taking some time to zoom out and look at the whole picture, I have something that will help!

I’m running a free 3 day masterclass series that takes a look at all of the key ingredients required for you to add speaking into the mix of your business so that it is perfectly aligned with who you are, what you do and where you are headed to increase your:



Impact and



Click on the link for a breakdown of what I’ll be covering in this interactive training series and how you can grab a seat for the action. And unlike catchphrase, I promise to make the picture clear from the start!

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