I’ve been running my own business for ten years this September, and although I have had a few different businesses in that time, one constant has been the need to ‘show up’.

Which makes sense, because as a business owner, people need to know about what you do in order to work with you right?!  

And I knew this when I traded the protective veil of the corporate world for work with freedom and flexibility on my own terms. 

But it still doesn’t make it any easier if you aren’t naturally that way inclined. 

Over the years I’ve trodden the path of a multitude of different avenues to generate leads into my business:

Networking events

My own events

Public speaking

Podcast interviews

Launching my own podcast

Corporate leads

Press articles and features

TV and Radio

And these have all been very enjoyable. But the one I have a flip flopping, love hate relationship with is social media.

If you run your own business or need to show up on social media for your corporate business I’m sure you can relate!

And I don’t want to be a whinger here. 

Social Media has been a huge contributor to my business growth, and the source of the vast majority of my one to one, group and corporate clients. 

But showing up online requires a lot of energy, and I’ll be honest, some days, I just want to sit in my apartment pants with a messy top knot and not show up to anyone.

It can also feel hard if we don’t see the results we desire from showing up so relentlessly. 

You might be on social media every day and not getting the discovery call bookings, course purchases or client contracts that you need to sustain a healthy income. 

And yet still showing up is required. 

My message to you today (if you wish to receive it.) Is to not give up. 

You don’t need to jack it all in and go and get a corporate job. 

Your consistency and persistence WILL pay off. 

That person lurking in the shadows who has never commented on your posts will book that call and sign up to your one to one services.

That corporate decision maker you met at a networking event will get in touch via linkedin when their challenges align with your solutions.

That event booker will remember you when curating their line up and know you are the perfect fit.

Keep going, keep showing up in a way that works for you.

For me, it’s a lot of planning and scheduling of content with the support of my wonderful VA.

It’s also focusing on generating business in ways that I love.

Which brings me to some exciting news:

I’m increasing the frequency of my podcast from twice a month to weekly!

The feedback I’ve had and the data I’ve analysed with my pod team, suggests that you enjoy episodes where I share my own journey, stories, tips and strategies. 

So twice a month you can now expect a short, punchy episode sharing a golden nugget you need, and then two longer episodes where I unpack important topics, how to’s and have conversations with guests around important subjects you might find useful.

To ensure these episodes get delivered to you each week, just hit follow wherever you listen to your podcasts here


And If there’s a topic you’d like me to explore, please get in touch and let me know.

Please share this blog so I can spread the word about the podcast and we can all use words to change lives, for the better.

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