How are you doing? I mean really doing?

If you are anything like me you might be just starting to feel the effects of the last few months.

You see, when the shit hits the fan, us humans go into survival mode. 

What does that look like? 

Problem solving like a mo-fo. 

Taking action, moving forward, covering all bases, being all the things in the strive to: 

  • Be the perfect home schooler even though you weren’t cut out to be a teacher. 
  • Be the happy go lucky parent that relishes spending all day every day with your kids. 
  • Be the motivated business owner who strives forward with innovative strategies to ride the lockdown wave. 
  • Be the health conscious fitness bod who eats and drinks like their body is a temple and doesn’t de-prioritise exercise. 
  • Be the house proud Monica-esque type that keeps everything germ free and spick and span.

If you’ve met this person?

Don’t tell me. 

Because I believe they don’t exist! 

No one, even the healthiest, most stoic and hardy individuals has come through this period unscathed. 

We have had to let things go, drop things off the list. We have had to cram an unimaginable amount of things in our day. We have had to call on coping strategies, and those coping strategies may not have been the healthiest for us. 

We may have dropped a number of balls, smashed a number of spinning plates and disappointed a few people.

But do you know what? 

It’s ok. 

  • If you gave up on home schooling in week two, 
  • If you have lost count of the amount of times you lose your shizzle with your kids.
  • If you were as about as motivated as a sloth because every time you had a Zoom call, it got lynched by your children (my son will never be a child that sits quietly next to me and does Lego whilst I work!) 
  • If your alcohol intake and crap food eating went way up just to get you through.
  • If your house turned into a dump and your garden a meadow because you couldn’t be figged to mow the lawn. 


Honestly it’s been a shit show. 

I could say ‘keep going’

I could say ‘don’t give up!’

But what I really want to say today is:

Every day is a new chance to start again. 

  • to forgive ourselves 
  • to be kind to ourselves 
  • to not compare ourselves to others
  • To move towards ourselves 
  • To do something different to yesterday 
  • To give ourselves a break 
  • To take a nap
  • To speak to someone who might need us
  • To reach out if we need help 
  • To do nothing 
  • To take one small step 
  • To just flipping chill

I saw a quote yesterday that said 

‘Everything will come to you at the perfect time.’

And even though it doesn’t feel like it. It will.

So I’m not going to tell you to keep going today.

Just be as you are. Be kind to yourself and know that somehow in some way, this is all happening just as it should and each and every day is a chance to start again.

Much love

Helen x

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