As I write this, the event of the year is only 8 days away. 

I’m excited to be pulling on my Wonder Woman pants and trotting up to the big smoke on the 13th and 14th July for a 2 day conference. Soulful PR live is an annual event that brings together small business owners and leading journalists for insight, learning, inspiration and action.

Soulful PR LIfe with Janet Murray

The lady behind this fabulous event is Janet Murray, the UK’s leading PR expert and a pretty lovely lady to boot. I have been following Janet for while now, and love her value packed podcasts and blogs.

For me, attending live events like this are essential to the future plans for my business. Here are a few reasons why you should attend live events too.


As a solo entrepreneur, It’s so very easy to spend endless days tapping behind your laptop. As most of my clients (and my community) are on Facebook, it’s always tempting to get sucked into the virtual vortex and forget that there are actual real life humans out there.

Live events are an opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded men and women, swap stories, share tips and advice and build powerful and influential relationships.

Janet has cleverly designed the event to ensure that we know each other even BEFORE we get there. This has been achieved through an active Facebook community and discussions on Twitter. We are also going out for a meal on the night of day 1, which will be a great reason to continue the conversation whilst enjoying some delicious food.


There’s nothing quite like the vibe you get when in a room full of talented people. Every live event I have attended so far have all had a big slice of high energy magic in the air.

Add to that the impeccable speaker line up and this one is going to be off the chart.

I am looking forward to meeting and learning from all the speakers, but in particular I find Andrea Thompson (Twitter handle @andreacanwrite), the Features Director at Marie Claire very inspiring. Not only as a fellow working Mum of two young children, but for stories she is bringing to the mainstream about the exploitation of women and young children.

It’s going to be an honour to meet Janet Murray (@Jan_Murray) the founder of Soulful PR. Janet is an absolute PR genius. I have re-read her book ‘Your Press Release Is Breaking My Heart’ in prep for the event.

I’m also looking forward to meeting Catherine Carr (@CatherineECarr) of BBC Radio 4 Woman’s hour which showcases a wide range of topics through videos and podcasts.

I have only recently stumbled across the delights of The Pool, but I absolutely love the concept. It is an online platform designed for women who are ‘too busy to browse.’ I’m really looking forward to meeting and hearing from Lynn Enright (@lynnenright) who is the News and Content Editor.

I’m also very excited to meet Adrian Butler, Producer at Good Morning Britain, and Keir Mudie, a reporter for The Sunday Mirror/People. Two talented ladies from The Guardian, Maya Wolfe-Robinson who is the Commissioning Editor, Opinion, and Abigail Radnor who is Features Editor for Guardian Weekend.  Anoosh Chakelian, a Senior Writer from the New Statesman completes the line up.


PR isn’t part of my background, and so I am taking the opportunity to geek out on the experience and absorb all the knowledge these experts throw at me. Understanding this world is essential if you have a message behind your business, you want to raise your credibility and visibility, and stand out in your niche.

This is a big part of how I support the clients I work with, and so for me it was a no brainer to attend an event like this. 

What I loved was the option to stay on another day and have a workshop with Janet. Embedding the learning is really important because it is easy to leave an event, and leave all your ideas and actions behind too. I fully intend to take action on every piece of advice I am given and am buying a special notebook dedicated to all my PR scribblings.


Going to an event like this raises your visibility on so many levels. With your network, audience, following, and potential ideal clients.

Connecting with key influencers can also do wonders for increasing your credibility, authority and visibility through building meaningful, win win relationships. .

There are so many opportunities to be had by putting yourself out there and going to a LIVE event. I can’t wait to attend and will report back on what I have learned.

Follow my experience.

You can follow my experience on the day through my Instagram Stories.

I will also be documenting my thoughts and learning from the event on my Facebook business page and giving exclusive insight in my Facebook group The Courageous Leaders Club.

You will also catch me tweeting live too.

Come join my journey, I think it’s going to be an exciting ride!

Helen xx

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