Over the past few weeks I’ve been chatting to some peeps in the DMs.

A lot of people find me after watching my TEDx talk, and I get feedback from some that it isn’t the best talk they have seen. It has flaws and it lacks focus and technique. (if you haven’t seen it and want to know what they are on about you can watch it here.)

Here’s why I welcome that feedback….

Becoming a TEDx speaker wasn’t the beginning of my journey in verbal comms. I spent many years training and coaching leaders on how to communicate more effectively, influence people, hold a room and land difficult messages in the right way. 

But then I had a huge crisis of confidence and gave it all up. I didn’t think I would ever be able to do it again, my career was lost to me.

The thing that turned it around was setting a goal and giving my TEDx. It was the first time I’d stood up in front of a room full of people in a very long time and it happened to be in front of 1500 people with only 24 hours to prepare. 

That talk was pivotal but it was in no way perfect. I’ve come so far since then in confidence and skill. I’ve given many keynote talks, been coached by some incredible people, become a radio presenter, hosted my own events and become a curator for a brand new TEDx event happening in August (check it out here.)

And yet some feedback I have had pins my credibility on the delivery of that talk.

I watch the talk back and see the stumbles, the loose structure, the way I delivered it. If I was to give one now? It would be completely different. But the reason why I don’t shy away from it is because it’s part of my journey. 

It was real, honest and raw. If people choose to judge my skills as a speaker coach based on that talk? That’s completely up to them. I will never shy away from that moment as I want to encourage EVERYONE to just go for it. I believe that everyone has a TED worthy idea inside them.

TEDx events are for the people by the people. That means curators are looking for grass roots people who have an idea worth spreading and want to help others with it. 

As a curator, if I was looking for only polished professional speakers with amazing speaker reels, I’d not only be a hypocrite, but it would go against my beliefs and values.

So my message to you today is go for it. Do it before you are ready, do it scared.

People’s opinions are their own. 

If you can say you did that thing, even though you weren’t ready, even though you didn’t have it all figured out, how would you feel?

And the best thing? You will do it again and you will do it better every time. 

Here’s to progress.

Much love


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