How are you doing?

I’m emerging from the intensity of the summer holidays today and looking forward to getting back to reality, headspace, focus, and routines.

I am always grateful that I run a business that enables me to take large chunks of time off to make memories with my kids during the holidays. But it’s a huge shift in energy and the general flow of life that takes some time to snap back from. My kids (and I) thrive on routine and it’s virtually impossible to keep routines during the summer period. 

Things I’m looking forward to getting back to that I know help me stay calm, productive, and happy:

Going to the gym regularly 

Working out in the gym helps me get rid of excess energy, calms my mind and release those happy hormones. I go straight after the school run on the days I can to set myself up for the day. 

Having quiet time 

As much as I’m extroverted, I really do relish quiet to collect my thoughts and read or absorb something good for my mind like a podcast. 


The complete lack of routine has sent my circadian rhythms all over the place. Looking forward to getting sleep habits back to a healthy place!

Movement and nature

Walking on the downs is one of my favourite things to do and something my kids don’t enjoy at all! Also stretching and movement in general is a welcome return after periods of not doing very much in the hols.


I don’t know about you but I work best in short focused bursts where I know what I’m doing.  I like prioritising work using the simple time management system of urgent/important ABC (if you don’t know what this is I have a PDF on time and energy management I can send to you for free, no opt-in required. Just contact me at if you’d like it.)

If you’ve been in a summer holiday fog, what are you looking forward to getting back to? 

Much love


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