In a world where freedom of speech and online hate are at loggerheads with each other, how do we create spaces for people to feel safe to speak up? 

And….. does everyone have the right to say what they want? If we are the provider of these spaces, who do we give voice to?

This was the topic in a very candid, and very exciting conversation I had with Mother of ten, author, speaker, executive consultant and podcast host, Danusia Malina-Derben.

Some key areas of our conversation:

Being heard

We explored the risks associated with utilising one’s voice including the fear of ridicule, humiliation, and potential backlash. 

Family Dynamics

A particularly poignant moment arose when Danusia talks about three of her 10 children recording their thoughts on being the favoured child. Their perceptions of parental favouritism and the emotional significance attached to it provided a touching glimpse into the dynamics of motherhood and the unique bonds formed within a family.

“Watch me”

We also talked about creating platforms that give a voice to diverse opinions and perspectives, especially within contentious topics such as parenting. Danusia shared her mantra of “watch me,” emphasising its role in challenging limiting beliefs and defying negative expectations.

The profound impact of internalising feedback, accompanied by the need to retain self-confidence and determination, was a recurring theme. 

Courting Controversy

The complexities of hosting discussions on contentious issues are also discussed and our conversation explores the responsibility of giving a voice to a diverse array of individuals, even if their views diverge from our own. 

This includes inviting controversial figures onto her podcast, sparking a discussion on the delicate balance of amplifying diverse voices without promoting negativity. A challenge she faced when she interviewed Katie Hopkins!

It’s a really great conversation, with many topics for thought. 

Take a listen and let me know your thoughts, Who Do We Give Voice To?

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