It’s the start of the summer holidays and it kind of feels like the first half of 2020 has merged into one big blur. 

Everyone has had challenges during lockdown, but for me, not having the space to work on my business was particularly tricky. The plans I had were put on hold or canceled and I had to re-strategize by working on things around my children. I simply haven’t had the time to be able to work at the capacity I have needed to. 

What do you do when your best laid plans go to shit?

You can lose your way, become muddled.

You can coast along just getting by


You can take some time to regroup and come up with a new plan

No doubt during lockdown you did this. 

You adapted and came up with your plan B.

Now it’s time to get back to Plan A. I’m taking some time this week to revisit the plans I had for this year and make a solid plan for Q3 and 4.

Here’s how I’m going to do it. With my four-step ‘Back to Plan A Plan.’

I’m sharing it as it might help you too. 

The Back To Plan A Plan


Reflect on all you HAVE achieved with your plan B, not what you haven’t. Focusing on what you have achieved will remind you that you haven’t just been sat twiddling your thumbs, drinking too much gin, or idling away the hours on Netflix whilst shouting at your kids! 

My Plan B achievements

  1. Launched my Virtual Speaking Pro course – designed to help coaches and entrepreneurs leverage the online space to increase their impact authority and reach Via 6 different virtual speaking methods. 
  2. Launched my Virtual Training Pro course – helping coaches and learning and development professional take their online training skills to the next level in order to win and deliver highly impactful online learning experiences
  3. Added more modules to my Land and Deliver TEDx course and made it available for people to get instant access. 
  4. Delivered a ‘Presentations with storytelling’ workshop to 13 corporate employees
  5. Ran four guest expert sessions
  6. Delivered two virtual keynote talks
  7. Held 4 storytelling intensives, helping my clients to get clear on the core story behind their business, and how they can get it out there through speaking gigs, content marketing, podcast interviews, and training workshops. 
  8. Worked hard with my fellow team members in my role as lead curator for TEDx Moseley to create the speaker pack and application process, put the call out to speakers, and start to curate the event. 
  9. Recorded two episodes of my business show for Radio Reverb
  10. Showed up every single day on social media 
  11. Ran free training sessions in my Facebook community Sought After Speakers

I want you to do the same! It’s SO good to focus on what you have achieved. And this is just the business list! I also encourage you to write other lists that show what you have done to keep a home running, take care of loved ones, home school your children and take on any new hobbies or other initiatives. 

Remember this exercise is focusing on what you HAVE achieved, not what you haven’t. You WILL have achieved something. I felt like I had hardly achieved anything till I wrote it out! Give yourself a pat on the back, you’ve done amazing. 


Go back over the plans you had for this year. The courses you wanted to launch, the events you wanted to run, the programmes and workshops you wanted to deliver, the book you wanted to write, the clients you wanted to coach, the podcast you wanted to launch, the speaking gigs you wanted to land. 

Whatever it was, how can this pan out for you in Q3 and 4? What can you replan? What can you reschedule? Is there anything new you want to bring in instead? What can be adapted?


Get it in the diary, what will you do when and how? What support do you need? What revenue goals will you set yourself? How can you stay accountable?

  1. SHARE

This week in my community Sought After Speakers I’m going to give you the opportunity to shout about your wins and come up with a plan. You can promote your offers, ask any questions, and seek help from others in the group including me! 

Join us here

It’s time to get back to Plan A!

Much love



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