It’s been go go go this week as a few big life things have come into alignment. I’m moving through the divorce process, getting ready to put my house on the market and embark on a new chapter. This is all happening at a point of business growth (which is amazing but a little heady) ramping up the focus on my role as curator for TEDx Moseley, and supporting both my kids who are having issues sleeping. The list of to do’s is mounting and I had that familiar sense of overwhelm creep in.

I had a podcast interview with the awesome guys at HMN24 ( a community focused on human performance) this week (it will be out soon and I’ll share the link.)  One thing that came up in the conversation was what I do to stay focused and productive. 

It was quite apt given where I am right now, but as the questions were asked the word that came up for me time and time again was….


Having a clear goal and outcome with a timeframe has really enabled me to get my butt in gear, line up the ducks and look after myself in the process. 

Last year I, like many others, lost my purpose a little. The blinkers went on in lock down and I couldn’t see that far ahead. Getting through each day was the goal as I’m sure you can relate. But taking those blinkers off and thinking longer term has really lit a fire underneath me. 

How do you figure out your purpose?

For me it was locking back into the big why. I’m doing this to make an impact and help others, there’s no doubt about that. But I’m also doing it for my kids. I want a future for them that includes a lovely home to live in, amazing adventures and experiences and being the best, most calm and unfrazzled parent I can be.

That has then informed my actions which include:

  • Getting the most sleep I possible can whilst making sure my kids are ok
  • Staying off the booze as much as possible.
  • Having a little headspace each morning after the school run and before I start work
  • Being active every day in some way
  • Planning ahead, getting clear on what’s coming and what needs to happen to achieve it
  • Having a special notepad for all the lists!
  • Staying visible and connected 
  • Supporting my clients
  • Meditating
  • Mixing house music
  • Asking for help

Your big why and the actions that you will take towards that will be different to mine. But getting laser clear on this has really helped up my game and stop the distractions and floundering. 

So if you are feeling a bit meh and demotivated at the moment, I hear you and am sending love and hugs. If you are able to take a pause and lock back into your big why, this may help to light that fire again.

Much love

Helen x

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