I’m feeling a little emotional. I just finished watching a run through of my client Joe Keich’s keynote talk and it was incredible!

Joe signed up for my speaker intensive at the end of last year to put together a show stopping talk that would increase his authority and reach in his specific niche.

He’s an intimacy and relationship expert and the message and stories he is sharing in the talk are life changing for so many.

When we started working together I could see the magic inside Joe. I loved delving into his mind and pulling out all the parts that would create a powerful talk.

He went away from our session, used my killer keynote talk structure to put it all together, then sent me video drafts (first in parts and then the whole thing) for me to give feedback.

I want to share with you what enabled Joe to nail this so that you can do the same if a ‘talk that sells’ is on your 2021 goal list.

He was confident in his expertise

Joe does what he does because he has lived it, studied it, worked with the best mentors in the field and has helped others too. Every part of the talk was built on his own experience, research studies and stories. If you are undecided on what your keynote talk should focus on, my best advice is to focus on your greatest area of expertise!

He knew that his story needed to be shared

A big part of Joe’s expertise lies in his own personal journey. Although the keynote talk wasn’t entirely based on this, we wove the story through the structure in a really nifty way. If your story plays a part in the subject you want to talk on, include it! It really builds a connection with your audience and raises your authority status.

He was laser focused on his audience

Joe knew the talk wasn’t about him, it was about his audience and what he wanted them to walk away with. We crystallised three ‘golden nuggets’ to inspire the audience and leave them wanting more. What do you want your audience to walk away knowing, doing or feeling differently? Focus on communicating that.

He was open to my approach

I have tried and tested methods for pulling a talk together and know the structures that really pack a punch. Joe was totally open to my approach and let me guide him to pull out all the gold. My advice: what you have in your head is amazing, but if you aren’t sure how to articulate it ask for help!

The next part of my work with Joe is to identify opportunities for pitching and landing virtual and real life gigs so that he can deliver his keynote, inspire a ton of people, generate some juicy  leads and sign more clients.


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Much love

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