I just came off a fab call with a future client. We were chatting about his goals and where he was headed. I asked him where he was on his journey.

You see, before you take to the stage, you need to ensure you have 100% clarity on a few things in order to create the best strategy to raise your impact, authority and reach.

I have 3 stages of the speaker journey that can help a client define where they are and what they need to work on.


Starter Speaker

Values. Your values underpin you, your work and your vision. Getting clear on 5 core values can help you get clear on what you stand for and how you steer your ship.

Core Story. The story that is the foundation of your business, showcases your expertise in your niche area, connects with your audience and tells them what got you here.

USP. Out of the story comes the USP. The thing that you hang your hat on.

Messaging. The messages that are used for your content marketing, website, video, the subject of your talks, workshops, media and podcast interviews. I work with my clients to craft ‘go left’ messages. What they are doing/saying that others in their niche aren’t.

Once you have this nailed you are ready to become a…


Super Speaker

At this stage, you are really stepping into your speaking shoes by getting clear on…

Method. A method, framework or philosophy that is uniquely yours. This increases your authority and credibility and status and gets you known as THE go-to expert in your niche.

Structures. HOW you share your story, methods and messages in an articulate and compelling way. It could be in a signature talk, a keynote, workshop, Facebook live, webinar, guest expert session or podcast. I have structures for them all.

Strategy. Tying it all together with a strategic plan for visibility, pitching, connecting and communicating with the right people in the right way to get you seen and heard.

And when you have been speaking for a while and are ready to up-level you are a…


Star Speaker

To become a star speaker you will take on the mindset that your tried and tested way of speaking is ready to shift and evolve.

You may have one style, one type of talk, and one type of delivery. It might be working well for you, but in order to be taken seriously, raise your credibility and take to the big stages, you know that you need some more speaker weapons in your arsenal.

You will most likely need to work through stages 4, 6 and 7, to define smart ‘go left’ messages, work on a killer structure that is going to pack a ‘next level’ punch and strategies how to seek, pitch and land the opportunities that are really going to get you noticed.

So which one are you, Starter, Super or Star?

Wherever you are there are two ways I can help on a time-limited offer!


OPTION 1 Mini intensive

2 hours in my garden or on Zoom pulling together your core story. Then you get two week’s follow up support for us to write it, or you to record it and I give you feedback and editing. 

Current price £547 going up to £627 30th Sept

OFFER! Book in a mini core story intensive before 30th Sept and you also get access to my Virtual Speaking Pro course worth £197 absolutely free! 


OPTION 2 Full Intensive

6 hours either face to face or online (can be split into separate sessions) 

I follow the 11 steps listed I shared last week to not only help you nail your core story, bu help you to formulate it into talks, workshops, live streams and about me pages, as well as helping you pitch to land speaking gigs, press articles and the rest. You then get one month’s follow up support where I help you every step of the way to take action and get yourself out there. 

Current price £1497 going up to £1987 on 30th Sept

OFFER! Book in the full intensive before 30th Sept and you also get access to my Virtual Speaking Pro AND Virtual Training Pro courses worth an extra £547 absolutely free! 


Want to chat? Hit reply and let’s arrange a time or click the link and book in a time to talk here


Much love


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