I know quite a few of you and have worked with many over the years. I also know that some of you are comfy and used to putting your trainer hat on and delivering transformative online learning to your clients and employees.

But some of you may not be 100% confident in this area. It may be something you have just had to get on with or you might be unsure if your virtual training workshops or courses are really packing the punch you want.

That’s why I ran a FREE Virtual Train The Trainer session in my Facebook community Sought After Speakers. 

I shared:

  • How to plan and create highly engaging virtual programmes
  • The lowdown on keeping energy and engagement high
  • What you need to know when moving offline training online
  • Your tech fears busted
  • Your burning virtual training questions answered

And if you want to really uplevel your online skills something I have been working on for a little while now is LIVE! Check out my brand new course designed just for you! https://helenpackham.lpages.co/virtual-training-pro/

Online learning has been available for years, but organisations are now grasping the benefits of delivering solutions to people all over the globe in easy, cost effective and convenient ways.

And it doesn’t have to have an impact on learning AT ALL.

The rise in easy to use, simple technology means that as a learning professional, you can pack just as much punch in creative and innovative ways, from the comfort of your own home.

You can design and deliver solutions that embed learning, provide a safe space to share and get the measurable results you strive for.

You can have fun in the process and enjoy the experience of a virtual learning zone, taking your delegates to where they need to be and then some.

It’s totally possible to ace it like a PRO!

In Virtual Training Pro I share how to:

  • Plan your online training: Map it all out and plan the format of your online/virtual training so that it is set up for success from the beginning.
  • Create your online exercises: I share the exact exercises to use for maximum engagement and learning so that you take your virtual training from surface level to deep dive. Plus >> You get access to the best free and paid personality tests and surveys so that you add more depth to your delegate’s online experience.
  • Keep energy and engagement high: I share my tips and tricks on how to keep the virtual room alive and engaged and share my tried and tested online energisers and icebreakers so that you break down trust barriers and shake things up.
  • Move offline training online: I take you through the steps needed to translate your face to face training to effective online delivery, so that you can use what you have already to create awesome virtual experiences.
  • Bust your fears with tech: I provide guides and tutorial links to all the major platforms, ensuring you are calm, cool and tech savvy.

I speak to many learning professionals who aren’t convinced they have what it takes to deliver high quality virtual training. But I am here to tell you that you absolutely can!

The skills you already have CAN translate online to provide deep, impactful learning experiences for your delegates. 

If I can do it you can do it!

When I first started my training career I only did face to face (it was 2000 after all!) Then about 8 years later, organisations started to trial the use of webinars, which were a bit clunky and not very effective.

When I left corporate to launch this business there was literally no option but to deliver EVERYTHING online. 

I learnt a lot about what it takes to deliver engaging programmes AND ensure that delegates left the virtual room with just as much learning and transformation as if we were face to face. 

It’s totally possible for you to create highly engaged and energised learning to people without leaving your home!

Here is all the info again https://helenpackham.lpages.co/virtual-training-pro/

Much love

Helen x



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