Cordell Jeffers is an award-winning entrepreneur, international speaker, and mindset coach. He is also a man who understands the profound impact of purpose-driven words and the transformative power they hold.

His narrative is one of resilience and redemption and in our conversation, he candidly shared his journey from overcoming challenges to fostering a mindset that allows him to inspire others. 

A pivotal moment in his life occurred during his early years in inner-city Birmingham, where he faced challenges associated with crime and drugs. Expelled from school and grappling with dyslexia, he struggled with the influence of people’s negative perceptions and its associated language and was made to believe that he wasn’t ‘good enough’. 

However, Cordell’s life took a transformative turn when his mother sent him to the Caribbean. Experiencing a culture shock, he was struck by the people he met who had fewer opportunities and yet more determination and resilience. This exposure opened his eyes to something new and ignited a newfound sense of purpose within him.

Cordell’s return from the Caribbean marked a shift in his mindset, as he immersed himself in self-help literature and gained profound insights into the impact of words and mindset. He attests to the detrimental influence of negative words on his early life, particularly in relation to his dyslexia, and credits the word “polarity” as being a huge catalyst for change, leading him to embrace balance and positivity.  His emphasis on practising gratitude as a means of rewiring the brain for positivity also resonates as a powerful and practical tool for personal growth.

Cordell believes that everyone has a story to share and that it’s through sharing our unique narratives that we can leverage personal struggles, make deeper connections and impact others. His coaching programme for aspiring speakers focuses on empowering individuals to overcome the fear of public speaking and effectively communicate their experiences and knowledge.

Words that Change Lives continues to foster a community where the power of words is celebrated and utilised for personal and societal transformation. Cordell Jeffers’ unwavering dedication to empowering individuals through purpose-driven words and mindset coaching serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact that lies within each of us. 

If you’d like to hear our conversation in full, then follow the link here to the podcast episode which is an exploration of the potential inherent in words and serves as a compelling reminder of the transformative influence they wield in our lives. 

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