I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to stick to something when it comes to my health. I go on long cake binges, then get fed up with my Mum spread and attack loads of different activities.

Recently it’s been spin, running, exercise vids, yoga, mindfulness, a new eating plan, the list goes on.

But after a few weeks it all slides out of place again and I find myself reaching for the coffee and walnut cake.

Anyone do the same?!

Over the last couple of weeks I decided to strip it all back and focus on ONE thing. One thing that I could stick to, the thing that I enjoyed the most and actually wanted to do more of.

It was yoga.

I have a bit of bother with my back from time to time, but have really noticed the benefits after a yoga session.

So instead of trying to cram in an exercise DVD or HIIT workout, I just gave myself the task of doing a few mins of yoga a day before bed.

Just a few sun salutations to stretch me out, work out some muscles and strengthen my back.

And it’s started to stick!

So much so that I am now prioritising it before anything else and making sure I get in a more intense yoga workout each week too (Asana Rebel app, you need it in your life.)

There’s something in this with business too.

If you are focused on ALL the ways to skin your biz cat in the hope that something sticks, you might be missing a trick.

Trying to hit too many targets feels chaotic, overwhelming and confusing.

Stripping it all back to focus on only the things that make you enjoy and that you are able to persevere with, can really help you to follow through to the results.

I gave a talk this week at the Making Your Cash Flow event in London. It was brilliant, and I had some fab feedback, including 5 wonderful ladies who are interesting in working with me.

5 lovely warm leads from people who heard what I had to say and wanted to find out more about working with me.

These results haven’t come by accident.

I’ve been focused on only doing work on the things that light me up, that hone in on how I can help people, and stand me apart from the rest.

The strategies I have used in this past year have enabled me to become fully booked with 121 clients, launch 3 group programmes, land some ace speaking gigs and corporate days, and increase my visibility in the wider media.

Comment below and tell me, if you are doing all the things right now and hoping they will stick, what would you like to be doing instead that would FEEL good, and be more likely to give you the results you crave.

Strip it all back.

Much love
Helen x

PS. I did a live in my group giving the EXACT steps I have taken in the past year to become a Stand Out Leader. There are some really juicy tips in there so give it a watch


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