A few weeks ago I told you about a reflection exercise I love to complete each year that really helps me close the year off on a high and celebrate everything I won and learned. 

I’ve just completed the exercise this year and it’s been so awesome to reflect back and remember the highs and lows of the year, everything that happened, and who I am now because of it. It may feel like blowing your own trumpet at first, but I truly believe we need to do that more!

So I’m sharing my top wins for 2019 with you, and would absolutely love it if you complete this exercise, hit comment and share with me! I’d love to celebrate with you too! 

When completing this exercise think about:

  1. What happened
  2. What was the result
  3. What bravery/increase in skill set it enabled you to have

My Top Wins for 2019

  1. Launched my first ever Mastermind and supported a group of incredible entrepreneurs to smash their goals with awesome results.
  2. Spoke at Lisa Johnson’s event and revealed something about myself I had never shared before in public
  3. Became a monthly guest on BBC radio Sussex
  4. Met the awesome Danusia Malina Derben and featured on her chart-topping School For Mothers Podcast
  5. Collaborated with 5 other entrepreneurs to put on a 300 person motivational firewalking seminar in London, delivered my signature talk and believed that anything is possible if you work as a team
  6. Delivered a workshop series for women in corporates to help them speak up with spirit
  7. Went to New York, my first solo trip anywhere met family and friends and explored the beautiful city from top to bottom.
  8. Invested in myself in a mastermind, 121 coachings for my personal growth, 3 conferences, 3 courses, a load of books and podcasting and radio presenting a workshop to expand my skills
  9. Lost my Dad, experienced true grief and gave myself two mottos as a result. ‘Do brave things’ and ‘feel to the edges of everything.’
  10. Successfully hosted my annual conference Entrepreneurial Leaders Live for the second year running, the transformation being even higher than last year.
  11. Delivered influencing skills workshops in July, Sept, and October to corporate leaders in Cardiff and got my love back for classroom delivery.
  12. Finally decided to own my expertise and niche down into speaking and storytelling coaching
  13. Created new speaker intensives and sold them before promoting them.
  14. Got invited to be on a team (still secret squirrel at the moment) that if all goes well will be HUGE and very aligned with my niche.
  15. Closed my 1400 Facebook community of 3 years and opened my brand new community for Sought After Speakers
  16. Did a wing walk for Pancreatic Cancer and raised £1400
  17. Set the intention to become a radio presenter and landed a spot as co-host for The Brighton Business Show on Radio Reverb
  18. Launched my brand new course Land And Deliver – and loved supporting each of the 23 members to work towards their dream goal of landing a TEDx gig.
  19. Booked the trip of a lifetime to Morocco trekking in the Atlas mountains and crossing the desert with 13 other strangers. Where I am right now as you read this (but not as I type this, I haven’t gone yet!)

Wowsers, that feels good! 

Now it’s your turn. Get yourself a cuppa, some pen, and paper or open up your computer. Go through your calendar this year and have a look at what you have achieved. It will be awesome! 

Look out for my next email on NYD which will go through a 2020 big dreamy goals plan with you to set your intentions and goals for 2020 to make them count!

Much love
Helen x

PS. I’ll soon be closing slots to my speaker intensive so I can make room for the other awesome things happening in 2020. If you would like to take one of the remaining places please book in a time to chat https://helenpackham.as.me/?appointmentType=2721

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