How are you doing in the lead up to Xmas? 

It’s been an interesting year for us all and it’s always good to reflect on what you have achieved. With the ups and downs of the last 12 months it can be easy to just keep going, but stopping and celebrating all the wins and the lessons is so beneficial.

I sat down last week and reflected on my top wins for 2020. Sharing so you can do it too!

When completing your 2020 top wins think about:

  • What happened
  • What was the result
  • What bravery/increase in skillset /growth it enabled you to have

Here are mine:


  • Curated a TEDx event (TEDx Moseley) and coached 12 speakers in readiness for 08.1.22 when I finally get to meet them and see their amazing talks on the TEDx stage.
  • Continued my spot as host on the business show for my local radio station (radio reverb) despite still not being able to get in the studio.
  • Launched my AIR system, a bespoke method I use to work with clients in the areas of their Authority, Impact and Reach.
  • Launched the AIR assessment, to help business owners measure where they are and want to be in these three key areas. Created a private community providing free training.
  • Took 45 leaders through an executive leadership programme to enhance their growth, communication and influence across global matrix environments.
  • Re launched my Stand Out and Speak intensive and worked with a bunch of awesome 121 clients to help them develop the story and messaging for their business and use it to get visible, recognised as an expert and become confident keynote speakers.
  • Coached female leaders 121 on getting visible within the organisation, speaking up, sharing their message, engaging their people, etc.
  • Continued to deliver my ‘communicating with impact – the power of stories’ workshop in response to covid.
  • Helped awesome entrepreneurs to land and deliver their dream talk of a lifetime.
  • Gave three virtual keynote talks.
  • Was interviewed on 5 top podcasts.
  • Started to write my book!



  • Fell more in love with my DJing and played at 5 house parties and one proper gig!
  • Joined a local boxing programme and got into a consistent exercise routine.
  • Got way better at not worrying about things outside of my control.
  • Went on my first solo holiday with my kids (to Dorset!).
  • Fell more in love with hiking on the south downs.
  • Increased my resilience and wellbeing by quitting booze.
  • Settled into feeling truly happy as I am (and not ‘needing’ to have a boyfriend!).

These are the wins and of course there were many challenges, mistakes and lessons. But being able to face and respond to those challenges has been great learning for me this year.

What about you? I’d love for you to share your top wins for 2020, list them all out; you will be surprised at what you have achieved!

Head on over to my FB biz page or Insta and share yours! I’d love to celebrate with you.

Have a wonderful xmas and I’ll see you on the other side!

Much love,

Helen x

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