How are you doing in the lead up to xmas? 

It’s been a crazy year and it’s always good to reflect on what you have achieved. I think 2020 has been such a rollercoaster for us all, we often forget just how far we’ve come. 

Have you done that?

I sat down last week and reflected on my top wins for 2020. Sharing so you can do it too!

When completing your 2020 top wins think about:

  • What happened
  • What was the result
  • What bravery/increase in skill set /growth it enabled you to have

Here are mine


  • Became lead curator for a brand new TEDx event happening 2021
  • Continued my spot as host on the business show for my local radio station (radio reverb)
  • Launched an online speaker boot camp helping coaches and consultants craft and deliver their signature talk/presentation
  • Created a course to help people become professional virtual speakers
  • Created a course to help people develop their virtual training skills
  • Have worked with a gaggle of 121 clients to help them develop the story and messaging for their business and use it to get visible, recognised as an expert and become confident key note speakers.
  • Delivered an influencing skills programmes to an awesome corporate company
  • Have helped two consultancy companies launch a digital learning course into the corporate mark
  • Coached corporate leaders 121 on getting visible within the organisation, speaking up, sharing their message, engaging their people etc
  • Created a ‘communicating with impact – the power of stories’ workshop in response to covid and have rolled it out across three organisations so far
  • Created a briefings with impact workshop in response to covid
  • Gave a talk on 3 virtual summit s
  • Gave two virtual keynote talks
  • Was interviewed on 4 top podcasts
  • Became the in house speaker coach for the speakers on a virtual conference for the tennis industry

Until I did this exercise I didn’t think I achieved that much amidst the chaos of lockdown and drinking too much wine! 


  • Learnt how to surrender to the moment and accept what is
  • Learnt how to home school my kids (albeit badly!)
  • Finally cracked the benefits of meditation
  • Fell in love with hiking on the south downs
  • Learnt how to box with beach body on demand (albeit badly!)
  • Got back into my true joy of DJing and appeared on the radio with my first ever live house set
  • Learnt that self-discipline and focus is essential!
  • Acquired a taste for Malbec
  • Made some great memories with my kids
  • Learnt that patience can be found in there somewhere!

What about you? I’d love you to share your top wins for 2020, list them all out, you will be surprised at what you have achieved! 

Head on over to my FB biz page and share yours! I’d love to celebrate with you.

Much love

Helen x

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