Has it been a bit crazy for you lately? Me too. One or other of my kids has been off school and with me constantly for the last (nearly) month which has meant a lot of life and business plates have been spinning.

Any kind of self care time has been pretty sparse.

Which is why I’m incredibly excited to get a few days on my own over the Easter weekend while the kids spend some time with their Dad.

But what to do!? I was considering a few days in a spa, but I actually don’t like sitting still for too long and really wanted to do something with purpose.

I’ve been attempting to write a book for the last three years!

In that time so much has happened that the book I set out to write doesn’t feel aligned any more. So I’m getting my butt in gear and have booked the long weekend in a shepherds hut in the middle of nowhere to give it another stab.

The benefits of this little escape will hopefully include:

  • Downing the technology and having a digital detox
  • Getting out of my everyday environment for inspiration
  • Having proper down time in silence (OMG!)
  • Getting lots of fresh air and nature walks in
  • Catching up on some much needed sleep
  • Doing something fulfilling (writing a book!)

I have no idea how well it’s going to pan out, as I am incredibly easily distracted. So I took to Instagram last week asking for tips and advice on how to get laser focused.

Here’s what I got back:

Switch off your phone as much as possible

I was toying with going on airplane mode but it’s so easy to flip that off and hop on social media for a quick check, which only leads down a rabbit hole of distraction. So I’m going to turn it off for chunks of time.

Work in blocks and do something different in between

I find writing blogs ok but a book! It’s a whole new ball game. I like the idea of committing to working a block and then going for a walk, or having something to eat, doing some exercise or reading to break it all up.

Try the pomodoro technique when you notice yourself getting distracted

I had heard of this before and a quick google search revealed this handy way to manage your time to stay focused when writing.

The breakdown is as follows:

  1. Choose a single task you will focus on and write it down.
  2. Set the timer to 25 minutes.
  3. Work on the task until the timer rings and put a checkmark on your paper.
  4. Take a short 5 minute break.
  5. Work for another 25 minutes.
  6. After 3-4 work periods of 25 minutes, take a longer 20-30 minute break.

So this is very much like the previous point however the timings are very specific and the breaks are shorter.

A walk in nature before writing is great for creativity

As I’m going to be completely on my tod I will be able to have a morning routine (gasp!) so I plan on doing yoga, meditating, having a lovely breakfast, going for a walk and then sitting down at the table to write.


This was a good one! The shepherd’s hut has a little kitchenette so I can stock up on lots of yummy food to keep me fueled.

I’ll check back in when I’m back and let you know how it went but in the meantime if you have any other book writing tips please hit reply and let me know!

Have an awesome Easter.

Much love


PS. I’ll be looking for people to read and review the book before publishing so if that’s something that might interest you please give me a shout. Xx

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