We are in the final furlong of the summer holidays and I must say, slowing down has been so good for the mind, body and soul. 

When I was away at a holiday park in Dorset, there was no wifi in the caravans and patchy reception at best. This environment (which I wouldn’t have at home) provided the type of head space I hadn’t experienced in a long time. It’s called tortoise mind.

You may have heard me talking about hare brain and tortoise mind before. 

Hare brain is our everyday rushing brain. It helps us get things done but it doesn’t allow much room for slowness. When we experience the right environment (my caravan on holiday) our slower tortoise mind can emerge and all sorts of wonderful things happen!

Tortoise mind allows us to think conceptually and creatively. We can solve problems in this state, look at things from a different perspective. We can rationalise and think logically, as well as reflectively.

Some things that can help create the environment for tortoise mind:

  • Having boundaries on your screen time
  • Doing things that ground you in nature and away from distractions (walking your dog, hiking)
  • Activities that enable your automatic processing system (like driving)
  • Sleep (the moment between sleeping and waking is great for tortoise mind)
  • Water (showers, baths, paddle boarding etc)

Which tortoise mind environment works best for you?

My little bout of tortoise mind enabled me to pull the final elements together of something I’ve been working on for a little while now.

I’ve created an assessment that can help you move the needle on where you are and where you want to be in your areas of Authority, Impact and Reach. I’ve been testing it and making sure that it delivers a ton of value and practical advice and support. We are making the final few tweaks and then I’m going to share it with you.

I’m also creating a community exclusively to support people who complete the assessment. It’s called The Air Hub and I’m super excited about the value that will be delivered there too. 

Watch this space!

Much love


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