When I started mentoring my client Tony Brooks over a year ago there were a few big goal boxes to tick:

One was to create a Signature Keynote talk completely aligned to his expert method and the messages he wanted to be known for as an authority in his field of Leadership Psychology.

The other was to give a TEDx talk on his expertise, aligned with the theme of a local event.

In that year it’s been wonderful to see Tony achieve all of his goals, and being able to support him from the infancy of his idea worth spreading to see it now up on the TEDx YouTube channel is inspiring.

You can watch it here

The theme of the event was ‘from adversity to creativity’ and Tony shaped a talk completely aligned with the theme AND his expert subject.

Right through the process he was dedicated and focused, continued to shape the idea and content and prepared for the event meticulously.

This is a great example of a talk with nothing but Tony’s ideas at the forefront. No slides, no prompts, no notes, just him and the red dot.

I spoke to Tony about his TEDx experience on the latest episode of the Words that Change Lives podcast. 

It’s well worth a listen if you are curious about giving a TEDx talk yourself. 

Listen here


Tony also has a fantastic book just out that you can order here:

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