Honesty in communication is a skill many of us struggle with. 

Whether it’s engaging in difficult conversations at work or addressing personal matters with loved ones, the ability to speak openly and assertively can have a profound impact on our lives. 

For many years I struggled with this both personally and professionally. Not feeling confident to speak up or go to the difficult place held me back, kept me quiet and impacted my wellbeing. I have come to learn that the better able I am to express my opinions and address my concerns with truth, the better the outcomes for everyone involved.

There is an art to powerful language and there are strategies that can help us navigate honest conversations to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. It is something that can be learnt! And this in turn can increase confidence. 

So what can we do?

I’m ok, you are ok

The “OK Corral” approach from transactional analysis is something I value and use with my clients in many contexts, It emphasises the importance of acknowledging one’s worthiness to have a voice. By recognising and affirming our value, we can build the confidence to express our thoughts and confront challenging situations.

Creating the right climate

In addressing the dynamics of interpersonal communication, we must understand the significance of the different relationship contexts in which conversations take place: how we speak with our loved ones at home is not going to be the same as how we speak with our colleagues at work.

 However, the importance of creating and nurturing a climate that encourages respectful and boundary-based conversations, where individuals feel safe to express their thoughts and feelings, is equally important in both scenarios.

Push and Pull

There are influencing strategies, particularly the push-pull model, that can help us navigate conversations effectively. By employing push approaches, we can confidently present ideas, while pull strategies create space for understanding and open dialogue. Understanding which influencing style to apply based on the relationship context can pave the way for successful and constructive conversations.

Mastering the art of direct and assertive conversations has the potential to transform lives, foster understanding, and build more meaningful and authentic connections.

If you’re interested in mastering the art of honest conversations and achieving direct wins through effective communication, tune in to Episode 6 of “Words that Change Lives.”

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