You know when life throws you a curve ball but also has a way of telling you something you really needed to hear? Well, that kinda just happened.

The last few months have been like an ever climbing rollercoaster of fun, growth, wins and new opportunities. It’s been an awesome ride but it’s also been super busy.

  • Fully booked with 121 clients
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Global press coverage
  • Telesummits
  • Launches
  • Hitting 1000 wonderful peeps in my group and growing my list

The hard work has been paying off!

I don’t know about you, but when I’m on the fun train, I don’t want to get off and want to say yes to everything. Which is exactly what I had been doing.

But I started losing sight of my boundaries, those trusted limits I had put in place in order to manage my energy, values and decision-making abilities.

As a recovering people pleaser, I find it tricky to say no. I’ve come a long way with this in the past 2 years but it still has the ability to trip me up.

But then it all came to a head over the weekend. I, along with my hubby and daughter were hit with a horrid virus that rendered us immobile for a good few days.

In my groggy stupor, I was forced to strip everything back, dump the to do list and DO NOTHING for a while.

It was just what I needed.

As the smoke (and virus) cleared, I realised that I hadn’t been listening to the warning signs that were telling me I had too much on. Running a biz, looking after my 2 and 5 year old, school runs, dinners, washing, you know the drill.

And the big word that was flashing in front of me in neon lights (or was it a hallucination?!)


I’d lost sight of them. What felt good, what didn’t, what I had time for, what I didn’t. And as a result, I began to feel anxious, resentful and completely overwhelmed.

But old Noro Virus taught me a few things…

I’ve gained some great clarity on what I need and want to do differently, and it all starts with getting clear on boundaries, for life work and relationships. I’ve come up with some ways that I can still serve the awesome peeps in my tribe and follow new and exciting paths in my biz.

I’d love to invite you to join in and reflect on this too, so that you can understand what’s really going on for you right now, set some healthy confident boundaries in place and achieve your goals in a happy healthy way.

Hit comment and let me know what boundaries mean to you, and how you know they are or aren’t in place right now?

Much love
Helen x

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