I’m very excited as I have signed some fabulous new clients lately. 

On the discovery call, I love exploring where they are now, where they want to be and what’s stopping them from getting there. And there seems to be a bit of a pattern emerging.

They are excited and scared in equal measure!

Excited because they KNOW that they have a story to share that can reach lots of people and make a big impact. They have a message that makes a difference and wants to make their own dent in the universe. 

That’s why they are speaking to me.

And yet….

They are scared because they know that sharing their story/idea/opinion or message may have one of the following consequences.

  1. They will receive negative feedback from trolls or ‘haters’ who disagree with what they are saying
  2. They are worried what their close friends or family might think
  3. They are scared of the unknown – they don’t quite know what will happen if they get more visible with their story and message

This is very common. So if you can relate to this rest assured you aren’t alone.

In my experience, these worries and fears, although totally normal, aren’t enough of a reason to NOT share.

Here are a few reasons why I passionately believe that your story NEEDS to be shared. And why busting these fears is THE best thing you can do.

Your story is way bigger than you.

That means that it isn’t really about you at all. It isn’t about what people think about you, it isn’t about how you feel about sharing it. It is about what you want that story to DO. Stories travel. So they need to have a purpose. Getting clear on the purpose of sharing your story will help you move yourself out of the way and focus on who you want to educate, motivate and inspire as a result of sharing it. Even if you changed one person’s life, that would be worth it, right?

Haters are always going to hate.

But seriously, that’s about them not you. Keyboard warriors are rife in the modern age, and they have way more confidence stuck behind a computer. But that’s where they will stay. If you have a story or message that some won’t agree with, that’s ok. You don’t want those people to buy from you or be part of your thing. A few lone voices in a sea of positive voices shows just how important it is to still show up and share. Don’t let a few people stop you from helping potentially millions.

Be prepared

Storming into the world with your story without doing any prep work is certainly going to put the jeebies up you. An empowered woman/man/other is ALWAYS prepared. 

That means getting super clear on the purpose of your story, the key messages involved, who you are speaking to, what type of audience they are, what type of format you will use to deliver it and what outcomes you want to achieve. 

Oh and having a clearing conversation with any close friends or family to let them know what you are doing is always good too (if you feel you need to that is.)


Simply put, it’s ok to be scared about sharing your story.

Rather than use that fear to stop you, how about turning it into fuel.

Use it to propel you forward. Turn that fear into excitement and fun. 

It’s your story, it’s unique to you and there are people out there that really need to hear it. I guarantee it.


Much love

Helen X


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