Are you getting in front of the right people? How about building a base of people who are inspired and engaged by you to take action in positive ways?

Since launching this business I’ve learnt a lot about what works and what doesn’t in this area. And I have found that mindset plays a big part in it too. 

If you run a small business REACH is everything. 

It’s all about:

  • How you put yourself out into the world to get in front of the right people with your message, ideas and services. 
  • A strategy that will enable you to get in front of your ideal audience without it feeling pushy or tiresome. 
  • Content marketing 
  • Proactive outreach to organisations
  • Leveraging other audiences 
  • Building relationships 
  • Pitching effectively

And the confidence and drive to do all the above. 

Increasing your reach is all about getting clarity on who and where and then making it happen with action!

Some of the most common challenges I see when working with clients on increasing their REACH: 

  • Not having clarity on the audiences they want to reach 
  • Not knowing what to say that their audiences need to hear 
  • Not building effective relationships with key decision makers 
  • Lacking knowledge of the opportunities available 
  • Not knowing how to pitch effectively
  • Imposter syndrome – doubting their expertise 

Any of this sound familiar?

Don’t worry I’ve got you! I provide free weekly training in my resource community The AIR Hub on these subjects, and answer your questions if you join the training live.

To get exclusive access you just need to have taken the first step in gaining clarity on where you are in this area at the moment. You can do that by completing my free assessment. It takes minutes to complete and is super helpful.

Much love


PS – I have one spot left for my Stand Out and Speak Intensive in October

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