Telling my story

Speaking has always formed part of my life and career in one way or another.

I’ve spoken in front of 100’s at Virgin Atlantic Airways (including Richard Branson!). I’ve hosted high profile networking events with Olympians as keynote speakers. I’ve run 1000’s of virtual webinars, talks, and livestreams. I’ve coached hundreds of leaders and entrepreneurs to ace their speaking careers. This year I curated and hosted my own conference!

Here is the moment that changed my life forever, my own TEDx talk.

I recently celebrated 10,000 views, which was a bit of a personal milestone.

I’m not sharing this to boast, but to show you just how passionate I am about helping YOU do these types of things. Since picking up my speaking mantle again, I have never felt more on purpose with my mission and like I’m actually making a difference.

My dent in the Universe. What’s your dent going to be?

Yes, it’s scary, but I’ll have your back all the way, click here and find out how you can start making your impact on the world.

Much love
Helen x

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