One thing I get asked about a lot is how you can make a profitable business from becoming a ‘speaker.’

And the thing is, traditional speaking (where you give a talk on a real life or virtual stage) is just one string to your speaking bow. Did you know that there are many other ways that you can use speaking to generate income? 

I currently have 6 lead generating income streams that use speaking to share my message, story and skills that I get directly paid for or that lead to me signing clients for my intensives, courses or one to one coaching packages. I’m sharing mine and if some haven’t crossed your radar yet I highly recommend making them part of your strategy:

1. Corporate training 

For the past few years I have been working continuously with corporate organisations to develop their senior and exec leaders in areas of verbal communication, influence and leadership. I absolutely love this work and it involves frequently presenting, facilitating and training. It is where my business was born from, is such rewarding work, is a great way of flexing your communication skills and is a very healthy income stream to your business. 

2. Podcast interviews and radio

A podcast interview is a fantastic way of honing your message, story and expertise and delivering it in a succinct way. Not only that but appearing on other people’s podcasts exposes you to a whole new audience of potential followers and clients. People really connect with people through podcasts and it has led me to adding a bounty of followers and clients to my world.

3. Virtual and live keynotes

The traditional speaking route and it still gives me the biggest buzz. Now the world is opening back up again. It’s a great time to do your research and find out what events are happening and what opportunities are out there. 

4. Guest expert sessions

One of the most effective ways to start building your thought leader brand and showcasing your expertise. It’s also a sure fire way of generating and converting leads. There are so many business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants crying out for guest experts to come and speak in their membership communities or on their programmes. 

5. Webinars 

Running a webinar not only brings fresh people into your world, it strengthens your presenting skills and gives massive value to potential clients. When used as part of a launch it is the perfect way to connect with your future ideal clients and turn them from followers into buyers. 

6. Video

We all know that video on social media is the thing now. And with reels and tiktok paving the way you can be creative and fun whilst connecting with your clients, sharing your skills and showing them who you are. Live Streams are still a very useful way of building connections and generating leads too. Since using reels on Instagram I’ve gained more followers, have a better relationship with those followers and am signing them up for my intensives and one to one services. I then use reels to show my audience how I work with them. I love it! If you haven’t jumped on the reel boat yet definitely give it a go!

All of these methods involve communicating in effective ways with your audience. They are also tried and tested ways of adding substantial income streams to your business. 

Which one would you pick to focus on in the next 3 – 6 months? Hit reply and let me know.

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