I’m just about to enter the summer holidays with the kids and it’s a big contrast to last year.

During the lockdown summer holidays I took any spare time I had to work and didn’t have any kind of break at all. Naturally we couldn’t go anywhere for a holiday anyway, but it certainly wasn’t restful. I was working on pivoting my business to focus on selling passive courses and securing virtual training contracts, so it was all go go go. 

This year I’m able to take a breather. The passive courses have been selling, I’ve been working with one to one clients who have signed up to my Stand Out and Speak Intensive  and the corporate work I’m doing is pausing till September. 

I’m also getting some time without the kids when they go with their Dad. It would be easy to just go with the flow and see what happens, but I’ve learnt from Nir Eyal’s course that planned time is productive time whatever you are doing! So here are a few things I’m planning.

  • Taking my kids on a 4 day break to a holiday park in Dorset (they are so excited!)
  • Hiring a cool house in Brighton and refreshing all my brand photos 
  • Meeting up with the friends and colleagues I haven’t seen since lockdown
  • Beach beach beach (and having a go on my mate’s jet ski, woop!)
  • Taking 3 days out somewhere to write my book or just chill in nature
  • Abseiling down the i360 for charity (I’m sharing this for accountability so that I actually book it in!)

I’d love to know what you have planned. Hit comment and let me know!

I’m opening up slots for my intensive for September and have two left available. If you want to kick start your strategy and increase your impact authority and reach then check out the details here. It includes my passive course virtual speaking pro and virtual training pro as a bonus!

Whatever you are doing I hope you have a wonderful summer hols and are able to take some time for you.

Much love


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