Do you sometimes feel like there are things going on that feel way out of control?

I’ll rephrase that. Do you feel like things are out of YOUR control?

Me too.

I’ve got some stuff happening that relies on other people to come to fruition. And those things aren’t happening to the timelines I need. Relying on other people when you have deadlines can feel stressful when you feel they don’t have the same level of impetus as you.

But there’s something I keep coming back to time and time again. And it’s this.

Focus on what you can influence, not what you can’t. ❤️

The circle of influence and concern is one of the most tried and tested leadership models I’ve ever worked with.

I started using it way back at the beginning of my leadership career and I still use it to this day. Not just for my clients but myself too!

If you haven’t heard of it imagine two circles. The inner circle (circle of influence) contains everything you have direct control and influence over. Your thoughts, feelings, behaviour and actions. What you do or don’t focus on, what you do or don’t take action on.

The outer circle (circle of concern) is all the things you have no influence or control over. Other people’s thoughts, feelings, behaviour and actions.

Here’s an image to help:


We spend a lot of time in the circle of concern worrying about things we can’t control.

Staying in the circle of concern adds to anxiety, spiralling thoughts, negative feelings and behaviour.

The trick is to surrender to this and focus only on the circle of influence.

  • What is in your power?
  • What can you control?
  • Who or what can you influence?
  • How can you choose to think and feel?

It’s something I’m being reminded of right now and pulling back to the circle of influence is really helping.

How often are you in your circle of concern?❤

Hit comment and let me know.

Much love


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