I know that when a lot of people think about becoming a credible speaker, this equals commanding big bucks for a talk. Speaking can be incredibly lucrative, it can add a healthy income stream to your business, and is a fantastic way to reach more people whilst being paid to speak and feeling the buzz you get from standing on a stage.

What’s not to love!

Whilst this is a very feasible opportunity, if you don’t have many talks under your belt and haven’t yet been able to speak on stages that pay bigger fees, you have to start somewhere. 

If this is something you are seriously thinking about but don’t know where to start, my advice would be to zoom out and think about it strategically.

In this 90 second video I cover the key things to consider in order to build your credibility as a speaker and start commanding the 4 and 5 figure (and beyond) price tags. 

And if this is something you want to put to the top of your priority list, look out for my blog next week for more information on something exciting coming your way.

Much love


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