Are you unsure how to make your facebook group a success or hesitant to create one because you are worried about it failing?

I have spoken to so many ladies that are struggling to find clients in the online space.Entrepreneur Webinar

They are spending all day in loads of other groups and feel like they are wasting time. Or they may have launched a group but don’t know how to engage people in it or turn their followers into clients.

There are thousands of new groups popping up EVERY day. With so much choice we can all be picky about the types of group we want to be in.

Which is why it’s super important to be really clear on what makes your tribe different and what its purpose is.

Here are a few pointers that have helped me to sign 80% of my clients from my group alone.

Provide leadership

All tribes have leaders, and developing your leadership status is a key factor of running a successful tribe.

This means getting really clear on what you stand for, what you are here for, what your message is and how you can inspire others through your story.

Overcome any visibility blockers that may be keeping you playing small. If this means ditching any friends and family that are in your group then do it!

Want to use your story to inspire others? Grab my free 5 step action plan to standing out online here!

Make it a place to come back to

Free Webinar Build a TribeOne of the biggest reasons I have such an engaged group of tenacious ladies is because I have made it a place they want to come back to.

Being a member of so many groups can be overwhelming, but if there’s a genuine reason why you want to be part of a group, it will make you want to return.

I have introduced all sorts of things that mean the ladies in my group get to shine, get to shout about their success and promote their business in a non-pushy way.

Build relationships

Sounds obvious, but I have seen ladies getting too caught up in the admin and content of running a group and have forgotten the real reason why people (should be) joining groups. COMMUNITY!

Yes, I’m proud and pleased to say that 80% of my clients have come from my group. But it is in no way my SOLE intention. First and foremost I LOVE meeting people and building relationships.

So when building a tribe, forget about what’s in it for you and think about what’s in it for them. How can you get to know and serve your tribe members? I have found Biz besties, clients, Technical support, VA’s, coaches, mentors and life-long buddies in my group. It’s in the relationships that the magic really happens.

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Helen x

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