In the past year I have tried something that I had never experienced before.

The fascinating yet cutthroat world of online dating.

It is a strange landscape where rather odd and sometimes downright mean behaviours are totally commonplace.

I’ve experienced:

Ghosting – Ignoring someone completely despite having an established conversation or even relationship with them.

Catfishing  – where someone portrays an image of themselves online that is completely different to reality (remind me to tell you the story of the time I met an OAP for coffee!)

Breadcrumbing – where someone you are talking to drops compliments every now and then to keep you interested, but really has no intention of meeting up with you.

It’s crazy Sharon!

But I have learned so much from online dating, it has started to really serve me in all aspects of my life.

The best lesson?

To apply strong boundaries, knowing when to shut something down and move on if the connection isn’t serving me or aligned with my values.

It’s very empowering and liberating to be able to make those decisions!

And I made a similar decision this week in my business.

There are some very exciting things in the pipeline. Since I started doubling down, doing the work and truly owning my niche in helping entrepreneurs become sought after speakers, more and more opportunities have started coming to me.

Which is why I’ve made the big decision to close my 3 year old 1400 strong Facebook community The Courageous Leaders Club.

Now I want to make it clear, there is no bad feeling behind this decision.

I have a very close relationship with the community I have built in the CLC.

When I started this community, it was purely designed to be a safe space for people to find their courage and achieve their dreams. Over the years it has evolved considerably. I have built a loyal and engaged following of incredible people and I am grateful to every single person that has been with me on the journey.

But I feel it’s time for new horizons and new energy.

I’ve got big dreams and am laser-focused on my mission to help entrepreneurs become sought after speakers. Enabling them to show up, share their stories, make money and change lives.

And to be able to fully execute my mission, I need a new space for people who are 100% aligned with that to be able to learn, connect, explore and grow.

So I’m starting fresh.

On the 14th October, the doors to my brand new community ‘Sought After Speakers’ will be opening and boy have I got some awesome things in store!

If you know anything about how I build communities you will know that I’m all about huge value and human connection. I like to put the members in the mix, giving people the opportunity to get involved, contribute and receive big value too.

So the next question, is Sought After Speakers the community for you?

Here is some information to help you decide.

What to expect
Frequent training on storytelling, getting clear on your message, honing your speaker skills, pitching for and landing gigs and getting in front of the right people to become a sought after speaker at your dream events.


To celebrate the opening of this brand new community on the 14th October I’ll be giving away some prizes!

I’ll also be delivering a FREE four-day mega training at the end of October. If you want to land a TEDx gig you won’t want to miss it!

BONUS – you’ll get access to my free TEDx worthy checklist to see if you have a story/idea or message worthy of the TEDx stage.

If that all sounds rosey then click the link to take your place in Sought After Speakers.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Much love

The Courageous Leaders Club will stay open until Friday 11th October (the same day as my Wing Walk!) to give you time to move over to the new group. Sought After Speakers opens 14th October.

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