One of the things I help my one to one clients the most with when they sign up to my Stand Out and Speak Intensive is creating a signature talk.

What is it?

A signature talk is an inspiring, educational talk that showcases the biggest area of your expertise in a relevant and timely message to your audience. It’s usually between 30-45 minutes long with Q&A at the end. 

Creating a signature talk is a great focus of your time if:

  • You have expertise in a specific area that aligns with how you serve your clients or customers
  • If you want to break into the corporate market and get paid to speak
  • If you want to work with corporate clients for your other services such as programmes, workshops or one to one work (a signature talk is a great lead in to this.)
  • If you want to deliver talks on industry specific stages
  • If you want to create a central focus for your services with something that is ‘hot right now’
  • If you have a book that you want to draw themes from in a more detailed way

5 key ingredients of a signature talk

Check out this short video that dives into the 5 ingredients

  1. It addresses a big picture issue in your niche that is aligned to your expertise 
  2. It solves a problem that is relevant to the audience in an inspiring and engaging way 
  3. It uses a tried and tested structure that makes it flow and packs a punch
  4. It harnesses the magic ingredient of storytelling to really make it pop
  5. It uses interaction with the audience for maximum engagement 

Do you want to create your own signature talk?

Slots for my one to one coaching are opening again in Sept 2023 but I have something coming in a few weeks that may be of interest if you want support in creating your own signature talk but don’t want to work with me one to one.

Watch this space and if you want to know more right now contact me and I’ll be happy to share the details!

Much love


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