Last week I shared the news that the TEDx Moseley talks are finally all up on the TEDx YouTube channel. I’m so honoured to have been part of this experience and watching these back with the speakers getting the opportunity to reach millions of people (34.8 million to be precise!) fills me with so much joy.

This week I’m sharing 4 more talks. If you decide to click and have a watch I would love to know what you took from them.

Jessica Plummer

My Journey from Heartbreak to Community Champion

From the very beginning of supporting Jessica I was incredibly emotionally invested. It was hard not to be when hearing her heartbreaking story. But as we worked together to shape her talk, and when i finally met her in person, I was struck with just how vivacious, fun and full of life she is. The core message of this talk  is ‘the solution to knife crime is giving the youth a voice.’ It is something she is carrying forward with her important work within schools and the community. This talk does contain descriptions of violence that some may find distressing.

Watch this talk if you want to find out how we can tackle one of the most difficult crimes within our youth cultures today.

Nicola Bass

The Life Changing Power of Everyday Adventures

This talk is even more poignant after our experience of the last two years. Nicola shares insightful stories and advice on how we can seize every day as an adventure, no matter how  small. 

Watch this talk if you’d like to find more joy in where you are right now.

Sarah Mamdani

Silence In a Hearing World

Silence In A Hearing World | Sarah Mamdani | TEDxMoseley

Sarah is an absolutely incredible young lady. Most people find preparing and delivering a TEDx talk a challenge. Sarah is profoundly deaf and took the opportunity with vigour and courage. I was moved to tears watching her talk, knowing the work she had put in to prepare and how poised and succinct she is in her delivery. 

Watch this talk if you want to be inspired that anything is possible no matter what challenges you face in life. 

Mahdiyah Bandali

Deconstructing Cultural Constructs: Being a Hijab Wearing Paramedic

Destructing Cultural Constructs: Being A Hijab-Wearing Paramedic | Mahdiyah Bandali | TEDxMoseley

Working in a field in which there is a significant lack of ethnic minorities caused Mahdiyah to re-evaluate her own cultural construction after a long journey of struggling to find her place as a Paramedic. She was an absolute wonder to support through this process and this talk really shifted my thinking about how much constructs play a part in our society. 

Watch this talk if you want to reshape and improve your pre-conceived notions.

If you watched any of these talks hit comment and let me know your thoughts!

I’ll be sharing the final talks next week.

Much love


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