I had some great news last weekend. We wrapped on our TEDx Moseley event in January, however due to TED timelines it has taken until now for all the talks to be approved and go up on the TEDx YouTube channel.

They are finally all up! Watching them back has been such a wonderful experience as being part of this event was one of the most rewarding things I have done. I supported each speaker from application through to giving their talk and so have a special connection with their story, journey and the powerful messages they are sharing.

So I wanted to take a moment to share these incredible talks. They cover wide ranging topics that can benefit so many. I’ll be sharing them over the coming emails and if you do watch one I would love to hear your thoughts.

Mo Younis – My Life Without Skin

From the moment Mo came on board he has inspired me at every step of the way. His courage and bravery has enabled me to really appreciate every moment in my life and the powerful message in this talk left the audience moved and inspired and standing with applause.

Watch this talk if you want to be inspired to appreciate the small things, have gratitude and go and enjoy life to the full. He certainly does live to inspire.

Cordell Jeffers – How To Turn Your Pain Into Purpose

Cordell is a force to be reckoned with. As the title of his talk suggests, he has turned some incredibly painful moments in his life into a drive and purpose to help others. His talk covers the power of mindset and by focusing on the 3 P’s of purpose, personal development and polarity you too can live a purpose driven life.

Watch this talk if you are in need of a mindset shift that will empower you to make positive change.

Maggie Fennell – Nature – How To Value The Priceless
Maggie isn’t just any environmentalist. She has a unique ability to convey important messages about our environment in easy to understand and connected ways. Particularly within local communities.

Watch this talk if you want to gain a better understanding and awareness of how nature plays an important role in our built up suburban lives.

Sabika Rezavi – Who Am I When I’m Alone

Such a poignant question for the title of Sabika’s talk, which was delivered in a beautiful style that was thought provoking and inspiring. Sabika explores this question and uses her story to share how we can reparent ourselves to heal childhood traumas.

Watch this talk if you would like insight into how this could benefit you.

I’m so proud of every speaker who became part of the TEDx Moseley team and enabled us to deliver a world class event.

Which one of these talks resonates with you?
More to follow soon.

Much love

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